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For e-Commerce Success
Our team of e-Commerce experts outline effective strategies for increasing and optimising your online sales!
4 out of 5 online shoppers use their phone to shop. Price comparison sites, customer reviews, additional information; mobile is the path to more sales. The mobile version must offer the same ease of navigation as the desktop. Guide your users at each step of the conversion path by simplifying the navigation and making it user-friendly.

Capture your browsing visitors and transform them into buyers! Discover the 3 vital steps to guide your visitors to buy and offer a fluid and efficient customer experience.
What to remember
1. Increase your conversion rate thanks to an optimal mobile user experience
2. Reduce check-out time thanks to a simple one-page payment design
3. Improve the position of your pages on Google
4. Prompt mobile sales thanks to customised emails and SMS Marketing

3 steps to increase mobile conversion by 20%

01 Increase your conversion rate by improving the customer experience
More than half of consumers are dissatisfied with mobile experiences (source: Mobilecommercedaily). Distinguish yourself from these sites and capture new customers by adapting the design of your e-Commerce site to mobile buyers.

    « Our mobile e-Commerce site was instantly available, without any editing or changes necessary. Our clients are happy with it and it creates 5% extra sales." P. Dumay - Arklight

  • Enlarge your target audience and directly address mobile users

e-Commerce metrics show that ore than 36% of online purchases are now made on mobile (Guardian). You can reach these buyers with a site that is accessible with all devices.

> Activate the mobile version of your site in one click. The Oxatis Mobile Store is free: reach a new target without spending

> Take advantage of 4 customisable pages and reassure your customers. Customers who trust are customers who buy! Present your business by choosing the right words. Who are you? What are you selling? Precision and clarity are the key points. Reassure them by displaying your return policy. Show your mobile users key steps which lead to their order. Indicate your delivery methods. Listing a few simple steps is enough to gain their confidence.
How can I do it? Activate your mobile shop via the menuSite /Mobile Site Version and tick the box Enable mobile version.Customise the 4 available pages as well as the Home Page, then your mobile version is ready!
  • Convert more by reducing the order procedure

Pay attention to the structure of your site and your product catalogue options. Simplify the payment and optimise your customers’ experience by guiding them to the check-out. The order process must be short!

> Simpify your customers’ search by activating faceted navigation.
73% of e-commerce site visitors leave after 2 minutes if they can’t find what they are looking for (Marketing Sherpa). Faceted search shortens internet users’ search thus inciting them to convert quicker. In just a few clicks you optimise mobile navigation and add value to your products thanks to the research criteria put in place.

    « "With Faceted Search our visitors can easily find their way through our 400 different style of jeans. Once we activated it, our conversion rate went from 5% to 10% in a few months!" »
    T.Bernard - Efamous
For more information: Discover navigation search.

> Encourage customer loyalty by using MangoPay One click payment.
On average 68% of online baskets are abandonned (Baymard). Lower your Abandonned Basket Rate by reducing the check out time to just one step. One click is all that is needed with MangoPay. The service saves the bank details so that the mobile users save time with their next purchase
For more information: Discover MangoPay.
02 Improve the position of your web pages on mobile
In 2016, a third of consumers will use their mobile phone to shop (source: digitaldoughnut). Increase your sales by connecting with mobile users; your new target for 2016. Boost the visibility of your site by optimising each page and informing Google of the work you have done!

    « 5% of our orders are made on the mobile version of our site, it's helped increase our products' visibility »
    C.Naysmith - Brollies Galore

  • Ensure the visibility of your pages by referencing your products

  • Get a large flow of traffic to your site by using many key inputs: product pages. Mobile Commerce now accounts for 40% of online retail sales (econsultancy) The objective? Improve the position of your pages, record more traffic and generate conversions! Gain visibility on Google by activating itemised products in your catalogue. For each product item, optimise the tag titles and the descriptions. You will have an enhanced catalogue and satisfied customers!
    For more information: : Discover product pages
    • Generate more traffic thanks to Sitemap pages

    Inform Google of work you have done and submit up to 20,000 urls to Search engines. Develop your presence online by referencing more pages. Once your products are itemised, give Google the map of your site via Sitemap.
    For more infomation: Generate 4 times more traffic thanks to the sitemap update
    • Optimise the referencing of your site by reducing the page load time

    Position your mobile site at the top by reducing the weight of the images . 55% of mobile visitors spend fewer then 15 seconds on a website (source: Hubspot). A site which loads rapidly is an undeniable advantage to convince the user to stay. Google favours sites which have a fast loading time. Use free software which allows you ro reduce the weight of your images ( A minimum load time and a performance increased tenfold!
    03 Adapt your communication to support mobile use
    62% of emails are first opened on a mobile device (econsultancy). Reach customers directly through their handbag or their pocket by sending personalised messages via mobile or SMS.
      « The mobile version of our site generates 15% of our sales. . »
      E.Desportes - Candle Store

    • Develop your turnover with email campaigns

    Mobile email opens have grown 180% in three years (Campaign Monitor). Increase your sales and create your first email campaign with Mailjet and integrate it to your Oxatis site. Perfectly compatible with mobile reading, Mailjet allows you to convert mobile users into real buyers with an email offer. Personalise your message, stand out with attractive offers and send your campaign in a few clicks.

      « Two days after sending out our email campaigns we reach 1,500 hits a day and receive 15% more orders” »
      G Pritchard - Epilation Expert
    How is it done?
    Send your newsletters directly from Mailjet, it is already installed in your e-commerce solution!
    • Trigger sales thanks to SMS marketing

    With an opening ratio of 90% (Mobile Marketing Engine), SMS is a high-performing aquisition and customer loyalty tool. Take advantage of m-commerce by adapting your means of communication to the new consumer trend. Prompt purchases by offering an exceptional discount via SMS. An SMS Marketing campaign coupled with a mobile site boosts your conversion rate!

      « Every month, we carry out several SMS campaigns. Our open rates are consistently above 90% and our turnover doubles a few days after sending." »
      O.Leclercq - Alliance Paintball
    How is it done?
    Log in to your Oxatis site. Buy your pack. Manage your SMS campaigns using the credit available to you.

    Internet users are mobile and there is a strong chance that you are too! Wherever you are, stay connected to your e-shop. Manage the state of your orders, analyse your sales and your campaigns, contact your customers instantly. Oxatis mobile assistant is a practical and useful mangement tool to manage customer relations. Capitalise on the proximity of your users by keeping in touch with them. Provide satisfaction and support for an optimal after purchase experience. Loyalty is the key!