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Our team of e-Commerce experts outline effective strategies for increasing and optimising your sales!
Body Ecology registered a +56.43% growth post-optimisation of the brand's product pages (Blog Kissmetrics). According to e-Commerce metrics, the homepage of websites usually contains all the product-page information. Guests must be able to find that information without hassle.

Search engine marketing, client experience, and interactivity: discover our experts' 3 tips to increase your product-page conversion, using the features available in your Oxatis e-Commerce solution.
Facts to remember:
1. Make the client the focus of your business strategy
2. Ensure the purchasing is process personal yet non-intrusive
3. Improve your client experience by fine-tuning your product offer
4. Allow the client to own the parameters of his purchasing journey

3 tips to boost your product page conversion

01 Reinforce your visibility by optimising the referencing of your product pages
  • Use videos to boost the ranking of your online store.

Regularly updated, original sites achieve better Google positioning. 57% of internet users are more likely to complete à purchase if they have watched a video showcasing the product (Vouchercloud). Integrate product-testing videos in order to make your offer more attractive. Suggest tutorial videos. Get your clients involved, and see the conversion rate for those video-integrated product pages go through the roof!

  • Work on the SEO fields of your product options in order to optimise your pages' ranking.

Treat every new product option as an opportunity to create unique content designed to reinforce your keyword ranking. Get ahead of the competition by optimising content for the whole range of your products (colour, fabric, size...):

> The Title tag is made up of 4 to 5 relevant keywords; the idea is to aim for the best possible description of your products' characteristics.
> The Description tag comprises a maximum of 150 words designed to get the user to visit the product page. Use the “parent” file description, and amend it in keeping with the colours, sizes, etc.
> The Image (Alt) tag describes your product image, the aim being to appear at the top of Google Images' search results. A source of traffic you should not ignore!
> The URL of the product-catalogue page should be tweaked, using relevant keywords, specific to each product option.
How? In order to set up product options on your e-Commerce site, go to the admin interface: 'Commerce > Items'. Then tick “display options”: all your products are displayed with their options. Click on “edit properties”, then on “SEO” in order to optimise the tags for each product option.
  • Display the path on the product page for internal mailing aimed at reinforcing your e-boutique's SEO.

From the path, Google identifies the main categories and the logical path between all product pages. A breadcrumb trail, as well as a nifty product categorisation, allow Google to quickly grasp the structure of your site. The search engine then displays direct links to your product sub-categories in its natural results: a huge boost in visibility for your e-Commerce site!
How? Your Oxatis adviser will be happy to help you with the installation.
02 Increase users' trust with a confidence-boosting approach
  • Prefer a clear structure when presenting product information, guaranteeing an optimal introduction to your products.

You can improve the ergonomics of your article page by pressing the “Back to top ” button, a precious tool to assist clients with technical or detailed article pages.
How? Contact a member of the Oxatis team to help you set it up.
  • Use quality images to enhance your product pages.

53% of e-Commerce stores record an increase in the time spent on product pages that contain powerful visuals (Packshop Creator). Showcase your professionalism and set yourself apart from the competition with images that enhance the value of your products. Be sure to include shots from all angles! e-Commerce metrics show that 40% of users abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load (source: Kissmetrics). Consider optimising image size prior to displaying on your site (roughly 80 Ko/image).
How? Stick to the image format required by your e-Commerce site.
When you load an image, Oxatis will create a thumbnail of your product using the appropriate format.
  • Master the confidence-boosting elements on your product pages in order to influence purchasing decisions.

52,6% of basket additions stem from the product page. Reassure users from the outset, nurture their trust, by including relevant information on the product page: delivery options, returns' policy, item availability, payment methods, delivery costs, and delays. Focus on transparency in order to create a rewarding customer experience! Finally, highlight the secure nature of payments made through your site, and display your contact details clearly.
03 Incite users to buy using 3 dynamic features
  • Think interactive, with the dynamic basket App.

42% of online buyers use the basket to save their searches. Boost sales by displaying pop-ups when items are added to the basket, encouraging users to purchase more. You can also opt for dynamic basket additions: a visual animation will move the product to the basket.
How? The Oxatis team is at your disposal for help with the installation.
    « We are very happy with our collaboration with Oxatis and the results achieved together. Our sales increased by 30% with our new website design. »
    Frédéric ROLIN - Thalie

  • Use suggestive selling in order to increase sales.

Beat your sector's average basket value: 61.20€ for fashion, 83.50€ for High-tech and 135.56€ for “home deco” (VeInteractive) . Showcase products that are similar, complementary, or from a superior range, and enjoy the impact on your sales' revenue.
How? Locate 'Commerce > Items' in your Oxatis admin space, then view the properties of the main article. Click on the 'Up/Cross-Selling' tab and or 'Complementary items' and/or 'Superior range products'. You can choose from a variety of layouts, in keeping with your e-boutique's design.
  • Inspire maximum user trust by including authentic reviews.

90% of users consult client reviews before making a purchase (Invesp). Opt for transparency regarding customer reviews: they operate as guarantees and inspire trust, encouraging e-shoppers to complete their orders.
How? Test “shopping-satisfaction” for free, and get 10 free review-requests per month. Set it up through your Oxatis admin interface. The first reviews will be published directly on your product pages.

Improving the features and ergonomics of you article pages is another way of boosting natural referencing. There is scope for launching loads of other actions on these pages. Spend some time learning how to exploit social media, instant messaging, etc. and keep an eye on 2016's e-Commerce trends in order to continue nurturing an interactive relationship with your guests.

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