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For e-Commerce Success
Our team of e-Commerce experts outline effective strategies for increasing and optimising your sales!
54% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer care service (Xerox Survey).
Discover a selection of 4 tools that make the purchasing process both surprising and satisfying. Once acquired, your customers will reward you with their loyalty!

A client enters into contact with a brand at least 5 times before completing a purchase (Adobe Study): guarantee conversions by making your client's needs the focus of your online relationship!
4 tips...
1. Make the client the focus of your business strategy
2. Ensure the purchasing is process personal yet non-intrusive
3. Improve your client experience by fine-tuning your product offer
4. Allow the client to own the parameters of his purchasing journey
... and 4 high-performance tools !
1. iAdvize: using chat to boost conversions
2. Cartstack: abandoned-basket reminders to grow your sales' revenue
3. MailJet: emailing, an essential tool for acquiring customers
4. Shopping satisfaction: trust and traffic-generating review

4 tools to optimise your client experience

01 Develop a trust-based relationship using an instant messaging service
57% of basket abandonments are due to a lack of information (Forrester Study). Given written data will always exceed voice exchanges:
  • Suggest a differentiated client experience which relies upon an instant messaging solution.

Client satisfaction exceeds 90% thanks to tools such as iAdvize. The idea behind click to call, click to chat and click to video is to connect guests either with experts in your community, or with brand advisers.

  • Take advantage of the powerful instant messaging applications:

> Engage your clients in real time by answering their questions,
> Work on customer retention by sending customer-satisfaction surveys,
> Increase your sales and your average basket in no time by lining up the most pertinent arguments regarding your products, or suggesting items that are better adapted to your clients' needs.

  • Adapt your tool to the size of your business.

This tool's value lies in the market players' expertise. The brand's advisers provide direction and suggest the process which is most in tune with your business, and the size of your website. They assist you in developing your sales' revenue!
Enjoy incredible results with instant messengers: iAdvize users record up to 50% increases in the size of their average-basket (ENI Editions), whilst the the conversion rate exceeds 50% (AquiS). The market giant CDiscount generated a 75 million euro sales' revenue thanks to click to chat.

The tool we selected for you: iAdvize
> The solution is displayed in just a few minutes on your website, mobile, or Facebook fan page.
> The targeting rules are defined using 150 indicators (number of pages, time elapsed, basket additions...) and trigger the display of a dialogue box.
> A control panel displays all the information relating to your guest's navigation. What page is he viewing at the time he initiates contact? How long has he spent on your site? All the important information allowing you to fulfil your client's needs is there, at your fingertips.
02 Boost your conversion rate with an abandoned basket reminder!
68.63% is the average basket abandonment rate (Baymard Institute). Significantly increase your sales' revenue by using reminders. A 5% abandoned-basket conversion rate translates into 20% in additional revenue (Outlook Survey). Transform your abandoned baskets into orders and automate your reminders:
  • Emailing tool or dedicated tool?

You have 2 options: either choosing an emailing tool that offers abandoned-basket reminders or a reminder-dedicated solution. The cost and complexity of the configuration will condition your choice.

  • Study your tool's configuration options.

Choose a tool that has the following features:
> Targeting-criteria configuration (basket amount or page reached...),
> Personalisation of your email content and dispatching deadlines,
> Sends at least 2 email reminders per prospect.

  • Adhere to the abandoned-basket reminder rules and send several emails as part of your strategy.

Use the first email to create a sense of urgency (ex. “your basket will expire in a few hours”). In the second, suggest a discount.

  • Inform and reassure your clients with additional product information, as well as information regarding delivery and security, designed to make them feel at ease.

We convert 14% of the clients who had abandoned their basket without completing a transaction, thanks to our automatic email reminders. This is an excellent result, as these guests would not have purchased from our store without this tool...which is very easy to set up. As soon as a basket is abandoned, an email is automatically sent to the client to entice him into making the order. If he does not buy, another mail is sent out a few hours later, in which we may, for example, offer a discount.
Fabien Bourly - and

Tip: 50% of guests who abandon their baskets are prepared to see their transactions through, if they are presented with preferential treatment, or a promotional offer. Consider showcasing advantages/promotions in your reminder emails!

The tool we selected for you: Cartstack
This abandoned-basket reminder solution is easy to set up, and contains an email builder feature, helping you come up with the most striking visuals/message combinations.
Draft a personal and quirky message, target your prospect, and send!
03 Personalise your communication via a mobile-optimised newsletter dispatching tool
  • Remove obstacles to conversion!

The mobile and tablet email open rate is close to 50% (Marketing Mobile Association). Provide your clients with optimised newsletters, and plan promotional campaigns aimed at acquiring new clients.

« The competitive edge is only possible where one attempts to understand, delight, serve and stay in touch with clients. » (Forrester).
  • Anticipate your clients' expectations!

To ensure results, personalise your emails by including dedicated product recommendations as well as targeted messages. High conversion-potential emails always generate more sales.

  • Venture into your clients' psyche.

An effective newsletter dispatching tool is one of the secrets to growing your sales' revenue; understanding your clients' motivations will allow you to create experiences which are in tune with their needs. Add an element of surprise: free delivery over a particular weekend, a discount to reward loyalty, or tips and advice regarding purchased products...

Tip: stimulate inactive clients with attractive offers, targeting loyal customers. Nuxe developed a points system for members of its loyalty programme. For every £1 that is spent, the client's account is credited with 1 point. Points translate into discounts, and when signing up to the program clients automatically receive 15 points. The key is to test strategies, studying your results via precise campaign reportings.

The tool we selected for you: Mailjet
Sending 600 million mails every month all around the world, Mailjet is the French specialist in transactional and marketing emailing. The great news is that this tool is already integrated into your trader's site, by default. No time is wasted; you can explore the tool's potential at leisure.
04 Strengthen your reputation and reassure your guests using client reviews
90% of clients say their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews (Dimensional Research). Client reviews are prime community-building tools: you stand to gain by actively engaging with your clients!
  • Value your clients' experience and reassure your guests with authentic, certified reviews.

A simple, efficient and cost-effective means of rapidly boosting your conversion rate, whilst enhancing the quality of your service.

  • Improve your site's search-engine ranking and visibility.
You will enjoy additional content added every day to your site, as well as reviews appearing in Google results. Product pages which showcase client reviews enjoy click rates exceeding 17% (Google)!

  • Drive your online community and choose a tool with which to configure:

> The email-dispatching parameters (upon placing an order, upon reception…),
> A threshold amount above which a request is sent,
> The number of items to review,
> Review format,
> Email personalisation (logo/'store' information).

Our conversion rate is 3.65%, roughly twice as much as the average in our sector! Our high rate is also due to the availability of verified and authentic client reviews. Given a close to excellent average score (4.8/5), undecided guests who read them are likely to go ahead with their purchases!
Emilie Desportes -

Tip: if you receive a 'negative' or lacklustre review, contact your client and set up improvement strategies. Do something to right the situation. A well handled negative review can win you a loyal customer. Once you have solved the issue, send another review request!

The tool we selected for you: Shopping Satisfaction
Go to 'Marketing > Client reviews' in your Oxatis administration interface and test sending out a few review requests. Once you have received your first reviews, you can publish them directly on the product page or moderate prior to publication.

The real ROI is client satisfaction. Are we surprising and delighting customers? Are we creating a fluid client journey? Are we encouraging them to spend more time with us.” (Rob Roy, VP Group, Interactive e-Commerce and Marketing, Time Warner Cable).

Reinvent your client experience by assisting guests at every essential stage of the purchasing journey. Intervene when a client is in doubt, surprise him when he is the least expecting it. Knowledge of your clients and their needs, together with your product experience will make the difference. Once your site is up and running, take advantage of the Apps provided by Oxatis, at your disposal to help you grow your sales' revenue and revolutionise your marketing approach!