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Our team of e-Commerce experts outline effective strategies for increasing and optimising your sales!
How to make 2016 better than 2015?

e-Commerce sales grew by 12.7% between November 2014 and November 2015, with retail e-Commerce sales set to top £60 million, making the United Kingdom the third largest online market in the world. So how can you profit from this potential? Study your 2015 performances before defining and implementing your 2016 agenda. Which commercial operations generated most sales' revenue?
Which AdWords or Facebook campaigns enjoyed the highest ROI? ...

Oxatis' marketing experts unveil 4 unmissable e-Commerce trends which will boost your performance and make you stand out. Adapt your strategy to these trends, our advice, your targets and objectives. This year, client-experience personalisation is the key e-Commerce challenge you face.
1. Social media at the heart of communication
2. Marketing content, a lead-generating tool
3. Mobile versions, the new medium for e-Commerce transactions
4. Personalising the purchasing-process, trust-capital conversions

4 unmissable e-Commerce trends: 2016, a year to outperform!

01 Social media, communication's heartbeat, for an immediate impact on your sales' revenue
2015 saw investments in social media grow by +32.9% (Magna Global) : devoting time to the management of your social media is a powerful means of reaching your audience and impacting your sales' revenue.

  • 2016 Forecast : ensure a solid ROI by judiciously selecting 2 social media.

In 2015, 92% of marketers underscored the importance of social media for their business model and 74% of them recognised how these tools contributed to their business' financial results. Choose your social media according to your activity and your audience.

  • Facebook Ads: the tool that impacts your sales' revenue. noticed that 59 % of internet users place an order after a visit prompted via a Facebook Ads campaign. Test, measure, readjust both target and message and you will notice an effect on yours sales' revenue. Showcase your popular products, your promotions or brand initiatives. Geolocate your ads, use the publicity-formats released towards the end of 2015 (photo carousels, slideshows, gifs...).
Note : you can test Facebook's Social Store feature for free on your site.
  • Pinterest and Instagram: get noticed.

93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases and 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest (Forbes). Create boards around themes, and pin your products to them, including redirections to your site/basket. Inject dynamism using Instagram, showcase your activity and don't forget to use hashtags so you come up in keyword searches.
02 Marketing content: traffic generating trust-capital
86% of e-Commerce sites use content marketing in order to develop their business. 3 times more leads are generating via content marketing than any other type of marketing technique. Creating content adapted to your audience will boost your e-Commerce visibility and favour customer retention.
  • Study your 2015 performance before setting up an action plan for 2016.

Which keywords yielded the most traffic? Which pages got the most visits? Work with what went right in 2015 in order to determine your strategy.
Note : In order to push your analysis further, it is advisable to instal “Google Analytics” and “Google Search Console” as quickly as possible, which will both help you improve your client knowledge, as well as comply with Google's expectations.
  • Content marketing is 62% cheaper to produce than other marketing techniques (ZenContent).

Develop your client potential with regular posts regarding your product offer : tutorials, interviews, testimonies, demos, graphics, videos... You'll liven up your site and provide your clients with more information.

Tips :
> Re-use content and save time!
> Optimise the SEO of your YouTube videos and carefully craft your channel name, video description and video link anchor.

  • Promote user-generated content.

Showcase clients' views, testimonies, ratings, as well as the hauls produced by your community. Many cyberbuyers really favour this type of content. Facilitate their self-expression!
Note : use 'Events', 'News' or 'Blog' features to spice up your shop.
03 Mobile versions: a new transaction medium to fulfil your visitors' expectations
50% of e-Commerce transactions are achieved thanks to the combined use of several terminals. Make sure you are present across all media (mobile, tablet,...) in order to optimised users' purchasing adventure.
  • Active your site's mobile version!

Activate the mobile version of your site for free, and convert your visitors into clients. A real opportunity to reach a new clientele. Create a seamless purchasing experience by providing different contact points (e-Commerce site, application, etc.). Users who use several devices are 20% more likely to finalise a purchase compared to users with only one device (Comarketing-news).

  • Work on the display-speed of your mobile pages.

Favour a simple, 'light' design and focus on client experience. Use quality content and navigation in order to stand out.
Note : on your Oxatis site you can activate faceted navigation for free!
    « 15% of our sales' revenue is mobile generated. »
    Emilie Desportes - Candle Store

  • Offer “in-store” navigation.

52% of consumers are willing to shop in a store that offers «in-store » navigation. Promote the mobile experience in your shop by providing wi-fi access, catalogue consultation, product comparisons or the acquisition of otherwise unavailable products via in-store tablets. Décathlon deploys in-store ski-wear comparison-devices on shelf-end displays : comfort, water resistance...they cover all the criteria that help consumers make the choices that serve them best.
04 Personalising the client experience: prolonging the purchasing experience
A site that users enjoy has on average 14.4% more clients than a site rated as 'average' (Forrester). Use your client knowledge in order to personalise your offers, especially after an order has been placed!
  • Recognise and value your clients.

Optimise conversion rates thanks to the information harvested both online and in-store. Regroup and cross-check the data in order to create personal profiles, which reflect each client's history. The objective ? Make your clients feel 'seen' by sending them personalised offers, which reflect their behaviour and interests, something cyberbuyers hugely appreciate.

  • Encourage purchases via email marketing.

Enhance customer loyalty through emailing. When you buy a laptop on Amazon, you receive a newsletter with hard disks or other computer accessories. Chase up abandoned baskets : a 5% converted-carts boost translates into an extra 20% in revenue (MCM Outlook Survey 2014).

  • Integrate SMS into your marketing strategy.

With a 95% opening rate, SMS is the ultimate qualified-traffic generating tool. Remain in constant contact with your clients by providing a steady flow of private sales and previews.

  • Personalise the delivery follow-up.

60% of cyberbuyers consult their order's delivery status. Integrate delivery tracking into the purchase funnel and inform the buyers of their parcel's progress. This makes consumer relations more informal. Solicit client feedback and reviews in order to gain information which will allow you to fine-tune your offers, and promote appropriate products.

Social media dominance and mobile device ascension are increasing. 2016 is calling upon e-Sellers to develop new payment solutions, create innovative content and thoroughly personalise their client experience. Become familiar with, then adapt to these new trends in order to keep your clientele happy and stand out from the competition. Your e-Commerce success will hinge on an original and efficient action plan, coupled with a targeted web strategy.