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For e-Commerce Success
Our team of e-Commerce experts outline effective strategies for increasing and optimising your sales!
70% of search-engine clicks are made on organic results (Arekestall). Favourably positioned thanks to natural referencing, they represent the largest part of your traffic. In order to boost your sales' revenue, invest in the SEO optimisation of the pages on your e-Commerce site.

91% of clicks made on search-engine results occur on the first page (Arekestall). Your choice of e-Commerce solution is crucial in maximising your chances of figuring within the top Google results.

Oxatis sites have 850 000 key terms figuring on a Google first page. Discover how to exploit your platform's features and gather precious information thanks to the tools used by our expert referencers.
1. 9 out of 10 clicks are made on Google's first page. Use free tools to help you analyse your positioning and gain qualified visitors.
2. Work on your long tail and enjoy targeted traffic.
3. Pour over your competitors' webpages, find inspiration and stand out !
4. Capitalise on the abundant traffic generated by the mobile version; seize all opportunities!

5 strategic tools to analyse and boost your SEO

How to optimise your SEO?
75% of search-engine users never consult results further than the first page (Source: ArekEstall). Improve positioning thanks to targeted enhancements: content and technical optimisations.

Analyse the market and your competition's positioning, define your activity's key pages, then: optimise, test and measure. Your SEO strategy improves with time, through innovation and creativity. Use the right tools for learning and, be assured, you will stand out! Gain access to the comprehensive toolbox for prime-referencing!
01 Analyse the structure of your site
Websites over 30 pages generate 7 times more prospects (Source: ArekEstall). Consider suggesting a large number of logically-structured pages to users as a priority if you wish to reach your commercial goals. Analyse your site's internal structure; optimise your architecture. Will users find your categories and sub-categories pertinent and intuitive?

  • Use Crawling tools: structure your site!

Close to 90% of internet users in the United Kingdom prefer Google (source: Statista). Use crawling tools (analysis) and search your site, as Google robots would. LinkExaminer is a free, easy-to-use crawler. Simply type in your website's URL: the software displays green or red lines, depending on the detection of errors (404, server error, ...).

> In depth...: The Screaming Frog SEO tool conducts an in-depth analysis of your site as well as the URLs, page titles, structural markups, the number of internal and external links, ...

  • Optimise your site: explore Oxatis' features

Gain access to Oxatis' customisable graphic templates, ready-to-use graphic architectures in line with SEO good practices. You control the structure of your website: you can change categories and sub-categories as often as you like. Consider creating and updating the Sitemap file, the detailed plan of your site for Google.
02 Audit the SEO indicators on your site
    “Targeted and efficient work on our product pages has lead to hundreds of our products reaching star status : the Nissan Infiniti coupling now makes up 12,5 % of our sales, compared to 4 % a year ago. During the same period, my natural traffic has tripled !”
    Alexis REQUILLART - Attelage Auto Direct

Boost traffic acquisition by optimising relevant pages on your site as well as content-architecture. Are you using adequate Hn markups? Are your keywords strategically located (titles, images, top-of-the-page location)?

  • Use content-analysis tools: write for users!

Analyse your content as well as your competitors' with SEO Quake, an extension to install in your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,...). A new bar shows up in your interface displaying indicators relevant to the webpage you are viewing: notoriety, links, keyword density,...

>In depth...:
- 65% of the 10 000 most powerful sites in the world use Google Analytics (BuildWith). The tool displays traffic-relevant statistics: users' keyword searches, conversion tunnel, most visited webpages,...
- The Woorank tool detects strong and weak points in relation to links, meta-markups, URLs, mobile compatibility, upload speed,...
- The SEO Grader tool is a free alternative to Woorank. Just enter the URL into your showcase site, e-Commerce site or even your blog. The general information is then displayed.

  • Optimise the content on your site: exploit Oxatis' features

The whole range of Oxatis e-Commerce sites, all engineered with optimised content for SEO, jointly welcome over 40 million visits per year via search-engines.
    “Out of 98 selected keywords, 81 figure on the first Google-results page, 52 of which are in the top 3. Natural referencing accounts for more than half of my traffic (53%).”
    Gaelle BARRE – Univers Broderie

Want a new Christmas layout for your site? Duplicate your homepage and retain your positioning. Intuitively gain access to your content-structuring markups located in your admin interface. Want to cross-reference 'Shoes' and 'Socks'? Insert precise links by typing in Meta Title and Meta Description markups which refer to these categories, items and WebBlocks.
03 Optimise your keyword strategy
    “Oxatis' experts' SEO optimisations helped me generate qualified traffic right from the launch of my website. In three months, we went from 150 visits a week to over 1500. Our sales revenue also experienced a prompt take off : + 48% increase in 6 months !”
    G. DELACROIX - Glow Colors

Choose traffic generating keywords which score high in competitiveness. Optimise your long-tail keywords for highly qualified traffic: prefer the expression “red boots jonak” to “shoes”. Users who are typing in over 3 Google keyword searches go beyond the top 3 results on the first results' page. The more the request is precise, the more the user scans down through the list.

Adopt your knowledge of the product and your competitors' positioning as your starting point. Use Google suggestions and associated searches as inspiration.
  • Use keyword-suggestion tools : write for Google!

Google tools are of invaluable assistance in identifying and developing high-potential searches for your activity. The AdWords keyword-planning tool records the number of searches conducted using the relevant wording, and makes similar, complimentary keyword suggestions. Google Trends keeps you up to date with the seasonality of searches.

> In depth...
- Ubersuggest comes up with several keywords based on a theme. Type in a keyword indicating the language and nature of your search (web, image, etc.) and choose keywords that are relevant for your content.
- Kgen displays a page's keyword density. Use it to analyse your competitors' content.
04 Follow the quality of your backlinks
In 2015, the presence of backlinks is considered as one of the main website positioning factors for Google results' pages (source: Abondance). Improve the visibility and performance of your site by crafting high-quality external links. Follow Google updates to set up a powerful netlinking strategy. A detailed analysis of sites and blogs which are relevant to your area of activity will serve your SEO efforts. They are the perfect target for providing content. Request redirection links towards the strategic pages on your site.

  • Use backlinks analysis tools : create a buzz!

Majestic SEO analyses and indexes the web in order to identify the number but also the quality of the links redirecting towards your site. Study these links carefully and only retain the most performing. A balance has to be achieved between no-follow (not followed by Google) and do-follow (followed by Google) links.

> In depth...
- Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) details the number of internal and external links, the level of security, and the number of indexed pages for your site.
- Ahrefs analyses your netlinking.
- SEO Cleaner assesses the quality of your backlinks.

  • Insert links in your content: discuss others!

Thanks to Oxatis you can optimise your links in just a few clicks. Using the rich text editor, creating links has become easier and does not require any HTML knowledge.
05 Activate the mobile version and measure your performance
There are close to 38 million smartphone device users in the United Kingdom (Source: Statista). This means that over 50% of the population owns a smartphone. Visits to e-Commerce sites via smartphone and tablet devices accounts for 45% of all e-Commerce traffic in the UK. Google's “Mobile Friendly” update (April 2015) favours mobile access: better referencing equals more visits.

  • Optimise the pages on your site: activate the mobile version

In 2015, m-commerce spending should increase by 77.8% in the United Kingdom. (Study: RetailMeNot) : ride the trend by crafting an all-devices friendly e-Commerce site.
    "The E-Commerce mobile site is immediately available without having to make any adaptation. Clients are very satisfied and it's a 5% boost to our sales!"
    P. Dumay - Arklight

Develop new sources of traffic by activating the mobile version of your Oxatis site free of charge, and enjoy our SEO optimised templates!

  • Increase traffic to your site: activate Google Search console

Google Search Console helps you monitor the mobile version of your site by analysing the same data as for your website. You also learn how to improve your mobile version: remember, be mobile friendly!

Efficient e-Commerce referencing implies adhering to a methodology and implementing precise actions: analyse your performances and surpass your objectives. During the key periods (seasonality/promotional operations), enjoy three times more traffic by combining natural and paid referencing ! Use AdWords and its sponsored links as additional levers to boost your conversion rate.