How do I set a WebBlock as my home page?

To replace your simple home page with a WebBlock, 3 things need to be done:

 1. Modify the First Page Displayed

Go to the Site menu > Select Properties by Language > Then click on Modify

Under First Page Displayed, click on the ellipse button

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Display a WebBlock > Then select the WebBlock you've just created from the list (For example Home Text and Products) > Click OK

Click Save

 2. Modify the "Home" link in Your Menu

Go to the Site menu > Select Menus > Then click on All Menus

Click Home > Then click the [...] button in Navigation Behaviour on the right.

Set to Display a WebBlock, Then select your WebBlock (For example For example Home Classy) > Click OK

Click Save

 3. Define the WebBlock Display

If you want your WebBlock to display on a site page with the Shortcuts and Editorial blocks, you must previously have defined a Layout. This is done by the [Site \ Layout] menu. Click the button. In the Layout creation page, select the "WebBlock Publisher" component and place the various widgets you want displayed in the desired columns.

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Once you've created your layout, go to the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu, then click on the Edit Properties icon of the associated WebBlock

In the "Layout" section, choose your layout from those displayed in the drop-down select box.

For the home page, a display with shortcut blocks is recommended.

If you want to use a WebBlock to create an introduction page, a display in full page view (no menus, header, logo, etc.) is recommended.

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