How do I make a component appear in the site?

Let's narrow down the question:

I don't understand why, when I enter elements for a component (hot links, for example), and I click on the "Preview" icon to the right of the management tabs in the component, I see the content of my component directly displayed in my site. However, when I preview my site (using the "Preview" icon in the upper right-hand corner of my administration space), I can't see these elements.

As you have now seen, the two preview functions are very different. Just because a component is "full" of content, that doesn't mean it has been published. To show up in your site, the component needs to be linked to a menu or a page. To do so, go to the [Site\Menus\All Menus] menu and add a menu element. In this menu element's navigation behavior, choose "Display one of the site components" and select the desired component from the list.

The "Preview" function available in the top right-hand corner of your administration space allows you to see your site exactly how it is displayed on the net. The "Preview" function available in each component allows you to see how a component will look in your site before publishing it for the public. This is very useful and allows you to work on and fine tune new components before publishing them.

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