Why is no payment method offered to my visitors?

If you have activated one or more payment methods in the [Commerce \ Payment Methods] menu and none of these methods is offered at checkout, there can be several possible reasons:

1. Your payment method may be set to a reserved status. You can modify the visibility state by the [Commerce \ Payment Methods] menu, then clicking on the "Edit Properties" icon and in the "Payment Method Properties" dialogue box, under the "Language and Visibility" sub-tab, re-set the visibility state.

2. You may have defined a restriction either to the amount of the order or to a geographical area.

3. Or, perhaps the only shipping option configured on your site is set to "Cash on Delivery". When a customer chooses a cash on delivery shipping option, the system doesn't ask him to pay online.

Settings like those would be contradictory, defining online payment methods on the one hand and offering only cash on delivery shipping on the other. In that case, adding a classic shipping option by the [Commerce \ Shipping Options] menu would clear this up.

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