How to Play a Flash animation in my site?

To display a Flash animation in your Actinic site, there are two methods:

1. For beginners: use a WebBlock page and take advantage of the quick and easy Flash insert function.
2. For experts: add HTML code to the appropriate insertion point in your site.
 Using a WebBlock
Playing a Flash animation in an Actinic site is very simple if your animation is to be contained in a WebBlock.

Step 1: Upload your Flash animation file into your Files Gallery. Let's say it's called "flash-file.swf".

Step 2: Add this file to a WebBlock table cell using the "Add a Flash Animation" option in the elements context menu.

In the WebBlock-Flash Animation dialogue box, select your Flash file from the Gallery, define the animation's width and height in pixels and confirm your settings.

Your Flash animation is automatically displayed in your WebBlock.
 Adding HTML code (method for experts)
If you want to insert a Flash animation into your site header, a menu or an advertising banner, follow this procedure:

In your Files Gallery, to the right of the file name, click on the "View Properties" icon. Under the "General" tab and "Main" sub-tab, in the "File" section, you'll find the relative path to your file. Copy this to your clipboard.

The absolute (complete) path to your file will look like this:

The relative path will look like this: /Files/XXXXX/flash-file.swf - where XXXXX is your Actinic account ID. If you don't know your's, you can view it in the [Account \ Owner Properties] menu.

Insert the following script, replacing the elements in boldface with your information:

<object height="123" width="456" data="Files/XXXXX/flash-file.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
<param value="opaque" name="wmode"/>
<param value="Files/XXXXX/flash-file.swf" name="movie"/>

Replace the width and height settings (123 and 456) with your animation's dimensions.
Replace the relative path in the script with your Flash file's relative path in both places in the script. Be careful to put your account ID and the correct file name in the path.

Note: If your animation is to be inserted in [Marketing\Banner Ads], use the "script" mode so that the code will be executed and not simply displayed.

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