How to manage sub-categories?

Actinic uses a double category system with tree structures and mutiple categories.

Being able to assign an element to multiple categories, combined with a tree structure type category system with sub-categories, offers numerous possibilities.

Imagine your tree structure like a tree with it's main branches and secondary branches, like your categories and sub-categories. The leaves (your products) are attached naturally to a branch. The Actinic system lets you do the unimaginable: attach a leaf to 1, 2 or even 3 different branches!

Let's use an example of a wine store.

Say we have red wines, white wines and rosť wines. In the Whites we have "Chardonnay", "Sauvignon Blanc", "Riesling" and "Pinot" wines. Within these, the various producers: "Winery XX", "Winery YY", "Winery ZZ".

A wine from a winery is a product. Example "Winery XX Chardonnay", "Winery YY Riesling", etc.

Let's start by creating a White Wines category.

Then under the White Wine category, you create the "Chardonnay", "Sauvignon Blanc", "Riesling" and "Pinot" sub-categories.

Finally under "Chardonnay" you create the "Winery XX" and "Winery YY" sub-categories and under "Sauvignon Blanc" the "Winery BB" and "Winery CC" sub-categories.

You get a tree structure like this:

White wine
  ;   ;   ;   ;Chardonnary
  ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;Winery XX
  ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;Winery YY
  ;   ;   ;   ;Sauvignon Blanc
  ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;Winery BB
  ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;Winery CC

You then continue this logic for the other wines and wineries.

In parallel you can create a second tree structure for the wine producing countries.

Create an "Origin" category with four sub-categories "Europe", "Africa", "The Americas", "Pacific".

Within "Europe" you can create "France", "Italy", "Spain", "Portugal" and "Germany". In "The Americas" you can add "California", Argentina" and "Chile" and so on for the other wine producing countries.

You could even create another tree structure based on the dominant aroma such as "Fruity" under which there could be sub-categories like "Berries", "Banana", "Apple", etc.

A bottle (a product) could then be classed under "Winery XX", "Germany", and "Apple" and your customers would find it either under "White Wine - Riesling" or under the origin "Europe - Germany" or else by th e dominant aromas "Fruity - apple".

You can then let the system take care of presenting your categories. By opening the "Shopping Cart (Shop)" component, a page will display your top-level categories (in our example "White Wine", Red Wine" and "Rosť Wine" but also "Origin" and "Aromas". The customer opening "White Wines" will be offered "Chardonnay", "Sauvignon blanc", "Riesling" and "Pinot" wines.

You can of course create specific links, like for example "Display one of the components - Shopping Cart Catalog", "Propose a category and/or a brand", "Origin - Europe - Germany".

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