Will my page be automatically translated when it goes live ?

Your page will not be automatically translated as the “international site” option is not an automatic translation option as it is a system that allows you to design and embody your site in several languages.

Designing and creating a website in several languages can not only create a translation issue, but also could create issues concerning the availability and accuracy of the information displayed in multiple languages.

You must consider that opening your site to other countries is almost like creating a new one because 80% if the content will need re-doing. The generic text for all components will be automatically translated by our solution (i.e. buttons, system texts etc…) but all the textual content of your site will need to be translated manually.

Furthermore, certain settings are configured by default to be displayed in all languages. Any existing elements must be reviewed to make sure that they're assigned to the english language before creating new elements related to the new langugage.

The Actinic solution allows you to create a site translated into 7 languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Catalan. Our on-line assistance focuses on the translation of a site English to French.
 Action Plan

Here’s a list of actions to take in order to translate your site :

- Flag activation
- File and connect a domain name in French
- Sitemaps du nom de domaine anglais
- Translation of categories and language attribution
- Menu translation
- Item duplication, translation and assignment to French language
- Translation of option types
- Translation of pages – WebBlocks (especially your homepage) & language assignment
- Layout configuration in French
- Setup payment methods in French or translation
- Setup shipping methods in French or translation

The FAQ’s of this section give a detailed description of actions to take.

a/ Activating the second language of your site:

Please go to [Site \ General Properties],click on bouton . and select the languages you wish your site to be in.

b/ Domain name for the second language of your site

If you have reserved a domain name for your site in its second language, we recommend that you associate it to that language. To do that please go to [Account \ Domain Names].

c/ New domain Sitemap

To index your second domain name correctly, you will need to submit the sitemap file in the same way as when you submitted your first one.
Click on [Marketing \ Sitemap SEO] then .

Click on the image to enlarge it

More information :
How to submit my sitemap file to google?

 Testing your multilingual site

If you do not have a domain name and/or you do not wish to show flag icons yet (site still in translation), you can add the following variable at the end of your subdomain : http://nom-de-site.oxatis.com/Default.asp?PGFLngID=0 to view your site in French.

Variable to view your site in French : /Default.asp?PGFLngID=0
Variable to view your site in English : /Default.asp?PGFLngID=1
Variable to view your site in Spanish : /Default.asp?PGFLngID=2
Variable to view your site in German : /Default.asp?PGFLngID=3
Variable to view your site in Italian : /Default.asp?PGFLngID=4
Variable to view your site in Dutch : /Default.asp?PGFLngID=5
Variable to view your site in Catalan : /Default.asp?PGFLngID=6

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