How do I find the URL address of the images in my site?

To view the relative URLs of your images, go to the [Galleries\Images] menu, click on [Edit View], activate the "Relative Path" column and click on [OK]. The relative path column will now be displayed in your image gallery table.

There are two possibilities for adding images to your Actinic site. The way you add an image to your gallery is going to have an impact on the URL (relative path) of that image.
 Image Addition - "Classic" Method

When you add an image to your gallery, it is placed on our servers in a randomly defined directory. The image's relative URL respects the following format:


Where XXXXX is your Actinic account number and YY is a two-number code randomly generated by the Actinic system.

It is also possible that your file will be slightly modified in relation to the original. If the file name contains accents, apostrophes, spaces or other special characters that are incompatible with the web, the system will "correct" the file name during the upload.

The only characters that can be used for the Internet are uppercase and lowercase letters from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9, dashes " - " and underscores " _ "

 Image Addition - Batch Processing

If you want to add a large number of images to your site, it is useful to automate this procedure. All you have to do is place your files in a ZIP archive and perform a batch processing procedure. For more information about this subject, please consult the following help topic: Images, Batch Updating

If you have carefully classified these images into folders and sub-folders, the system retrieves the name and structure of these folders to classify the images. As with the "classic" procedure for adding images to your site, they are placed on our servers in a randomly defined directory.

For a webmaster that has created a site design in Dreamweaver and wants to import it into their Actinic site, this random image path generation can be restrictive. Therefore, it is possible to make the system respect the defined relative paths contained in your ZIP file.

To activate this mode, check the "Preserve folder structure" option when importing your ZIP file. This mode is defined as "expert" because it is essential that every image, folder and sub-folder have a web-compatible name (no accents, no apostrophes, no spaces, etc.).

For example, by placing the image "your-file.jpg" in the following tree structure:
  • Category
    • Sub-category
You will get a URL that looks like:


Where XXXXX is your Actinic account number. You can find your Actinic account number in the owner properties page of your administration space in the [Account\Owner Properties] menu.

Note: If you don't use folders in your ZIP file, you will get the same path as in your file gallery. This option is useful if you have installed a Flash or Java slideshow module on your site that requires the images to be present in the same directory as the executable file, for example. For more information about file paths in the file gallery, please consult the following help topic: File Gallery

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