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In the case of certain orders, the system displays this message: "We're sorry, but there are no shipping options for your address. If desired, you can contact us and we'll try to provide you with a customized shipping option.", why is this?

Why is this ? This text will display when no shipping option is suited to the order being placed.

 Case 1 : Geographic Validity

The most common case is when shipping is limited to certain countries. If the customer states he lives in another country, no solution is available. Remember that billing and delivery addresses can be different. This information is on the customer's order.

To add a country, click on the [Commerce\Shipping Options] menu, the "Edit Properties" icon, “Validity” tab >“Geographic” sub-tab.

In the list on the left the valid countries for this shipping option are in blue. You can add countries to this list with a CTRL + click on the desired country,

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More information:

How to restrict a shipping option for a country?

The sytem allows restricting a shipping option to postcodes.
The error message may come from this restriction.

Click on the [Commerce\Shipping Options] menu, “Edit Properties” icon , “Validity” tab > " Géographic” sub-tab .

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How to restrict a shipping option to a postcode?

 Case 2 : Restriction on the Weight of an Order

If you have set a weight validity and the order weighs more, this shipping option will not be offered to your customer.

 Case 3: Calculation Formula

Another possibility is that your various options are not valid because of their formula. For example, you've based your formula on the price of the order and you've defined your price range limits up to £200. If the total order amount is £201, no option is available!

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At the bottom of the page, you'll notice a checkbox “The tier definition is strict ”.
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If you've defined the tiers like in the above screenshot, the shipping option won't be offered to your customer if his order exceeds £200.
That's why we advise you to anticipate all cases and to check the box as in the following example.

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Another important point, if you have not filled in the weight for certain catalogue items, by default their weight is considered 0 Kg. The lower limit of the first tier being strictly inferior to the set value, if you set this value to 0, you'll get this error message for every item who's weight has not been filled in. We advise you to carefully fill in the weight for all your products.
Tip: you can set the first limit to -1. This trick will allow customers to order items whose the weight was not filled in. However if the article weighs 50Kg, the shipping charges will not be right!

One last important point: when you fill in the item weight in a product file, it's in Grams, whereas the tiers limits are defined in Kilograms!
 Case 4 : User Category Validity

Another case is when you've reserved shipping options for certain categories of users and the visitor isn't a member of any of them. Don't forget that even if you've determined that anyone having placed an order will be classified in the customer category, during their first visite to your site, at the moment the person is choosing their shipping, they've not yet bought anything and are not yet classified as a customer!

The simplest solution is not to fill in a category for this shipping option.

 Case 5 : User Category Option

An additional possibility, in the "Component Properties" tab in Shipping Options. ([Commerce \ Shipping Options] menu) you checked the checkbox "Shipping Option Categories: Do not propose unassigned shipping options (to a specific user category) to users who are already classified in one or several categories."

However, if your components assign a category to your visitor (for example, the "Your Account" component which is used during the buying process when a new customer creates their account) when the visitor gets to the shipping page they are already classified (as "Prospect" by default). They are not "unassigned" and if you checked this box, no shipping option can be offered to them.

If you want all users to belong to a category before they can place an order, you'll have to add a shipping option valid for the category defined in the "Your Account" component's properties ("Prospect" by default").

Remember also that users can register through 5 other components (Registration, FAQ, etc.), so make sure the category assigned by these components is the same, if you use them on your site and you implement this type of restriction.
 Case 6 : Item Restriction

It also possible to have your shipping option based on whether or not certain items are included in the cart. For example, it item y is in the cart, propose this shipping option, but if item x is in the cart disable this shipping option.

To enable this, Commerce \ Shipping Options \ Edit Properties, Validity tab then Items . Here you can choose the parameters for how the shipping option will become available based on items.

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Once you selected the initial rules, press Save. You will now be able to choose the associated and excluded items for this shipping option by clicking the Associated Items and/or Excluded Items.

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