Can I create a real newsletter system for my site?

In other words:

"I want to set up a system where my visitors can leave their email address so that I can send them a file, news, special offers, or urge them to visit certain pages of my site. Can I do that?"

Absolutely! You'll find it in the [Users\Nexsletters] menu.

For more information on this high quality component, which includes an unsubscription system, return links to the site from your readers' email client and much more; just click here..

You can always write a newsletter in simple text, but to do things properly, you should use a WebBlock.

Open the [Galleries/WebBlocks] menu and add a WebBlock. For an easy start, you can choose to begin with one of our selection of template newsletters.

Change the textes, photos and links to your site in this WebBlock, then open [Marketing\Newsletters] and create a new newslatter.

Enter the subject of the newsletter, then, in the "Body" section, select "Use a WebBlock" and choose your WebBlock in the list displayed. Enter who you want to send your newsletter to (user categories, etc.).

There's a test procedure which lets you try out your newsletter on your own computer to make sure everything is displaying correctly before sending out hundreds. Afterwards, dispatch will be automatic.

The unsubscribe function, compliant to ICO requirements, is automatically inserted into each letter dispatched.

And lastly, the "Registration" site component is specially made for subscriptions. Find out more about this component by clicking here..

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