Can I accept payments by bank transfer?

Yes, you can create a new custom payment method.

Open the [Commerce \ Payment Methods] menu, click on the "Add a Payment Method" button and select "Generic payment" at the bottom of the list.

You can then customise your payment method, giving it a name, description, image, etc.

You can insert your bank account details so your customer can order the transfer.
Fill in this information under the "General" tab > "Main" sub-tab > "Additional Information AFTER Payment" section.


Account details you'll need to order the transfer:

Beneficiary: [YOUR COMPANY]

When you create a payment method such as "Transfer" or "Money Order", you are the "payment processor". In other words, it's your responsability to verify payment.

The only automatic part of the process is the message sent with order acknowledgement, which you can define independantly for each payment method.
For example, you can write "Goods will be shipped after reception of your bank transfer to our account number..."

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