How do I build a questionnaire or form?

The idea is to create a form which can be submitted by e-mail.

The collected data will be sent to you by email. If needed, you can recover this data in Microsoft Excel if you activate the save the values from the form in a file function.

Go to the gallery and create a new WebBlock. To make it easier, we suggest using the form wizard to save time. However, you are free to use a blank template or an existing WebBlock and run the wizard later.

In the first case, the system will create the form by adding rows and columns to the main WebBlock table. In the second case, the form will be placed in a new table element inside the cell where the form was added.

Fill in the different fields you want to appear on the form.

Here are some tips for creating a form:

  1. Be sure to request all information necessary for identifying and making contact with your visitors: name, phone, e-mail and possibly order number if the form is related to customer orders.

  2. Make the main fields "required" to avoid receiving incomplete forms and not being able to re-contact the visitor. However, do not apply this excessively as it may discourage users who want to fill out part of the form.

  3. Enter a "general" error message when creating the form with the wizard, but take the time when you edit it later to customise the message for each field. This will allow the user to more easily identify the source of their error when submitting the form.

  4. Don't make forms too long or complex as this may discourage your visitors from filling it out.

  5. Test it! Make sure everything works before giving visitors access to your form. We recommend testing your form by entering "errors" in required fields to reproduce all the situations your customers may encounter. This will allow you to see if your error messages are adapted and that the form is working properly.

Think about adding a thank you message to let your visitor know their message has been sent. This must be entered in the WebBlock properties under the "Form Properties" tab. You can create a second WebBlock to use as this thank you page.

It is also possible to add form elements or create a form without using the wizard. For more information on this subject, please consult the following help topic: WebBlocks, Web Forms.

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