How do I use an existing domain name on my site?

To clarify the question:
My Actinic site is ready, how do I put my domain in place of the current site?
I already have a website with a domain name and I now want to use my domain for my Actinic site.

There are three ways of going about it.

1) Redirection (not recommended)

Standard web hosting services often offer this solution to manage a domain, but it's not a good idea to use this option.

You just redirect from to It's simple and free of cost but the problem is that the the origin of the visit to Actinic will always be Furthermore, your domain will never be indexed by search engines: so for SEO this method is not recommended.

Procedure: Configuration on the user interface of your domain supplier's site.
Time necessary: immediat
Cost: free
Inconvieniants: The domain name will not be indexed by search engines. There are other redirect methods such as FRAME or IFRAME which are also troublesome because of problems with secure online payments detecting a fraudulous redirection.

2) Connection (easy)

You keep your current domain name supplier and just change the DNS settings to DNS1.OXATIS.COM and DNS2.OXATIS.COM. Your first connection to an Actinic site is included in the price of your subscription. There is a service fee of £30 for subsequent connections.

Procedure: Configuration on the user interface of your domain supplier's site.
Time necessary: 48 hours
Cost: first connection included in subscription, then £30 for subsequent connections.

Domain name

Click here to learn more .

3) Transfer (complex)

You want to transfer your domain management to Actinic. In this case we begin a transfer procedure. There is a service fee of £30 but this includes the prologation of your domain's validity for one year (except domains with a extension)

Procedure: Unlocking + Code EPP + Transfer validation email
Time necessary: from 7 to 15 days
Cost: £30

4) Webfarm Connexion (for expert users)

If you want to keep your email accounts with your external supplier, you can configure your domain to send only the web part of domain activity to our servers. In this particular case, customers skilled in domain name management can connect a domain name not managed by Actinic to their Actinic site.

Procedure: Connection £30 + written request to technical support entitled "Webfarm Connection Request" + Domain configuration

Time necessary: 48 hours
Cost: £30
Click here to read the online help article on webfarm connections .

About Redirection (Solution 1):

A redirection sets things up so that when is opened, the page executes a JavaScript something like:

<script language=javascript>location.href=""</script>

This way, when someone enters he finds this "false" page that says to the browser "let's just go to" This seems to solve the problem, since the visitor sees your Actinic site's home page!
BUT when the page opens and our servers ask "what was the precedent request?", instead of answering Google, Voila or, the browser systematically answers ""!

This is not too serious, but it does cause the loss of information that you may consider important and which is the basis of came from statistics It's important to understand this point before deciding which solution you'll use.

About Changing DNS Settings (Solution 2):

When the DNS are managed by Actinic, email accounts associated with your domain, such as, must be managed by Actinic. You cannot keep them, if they exist, with your domain supplier. If you do want to keep these email accounts with your domain name supplier, the 4th solution, which requires advanced skills in DNS, is the only one possible.

About Domain Name Transfers (Solution 3):

For Actinic, following the ICANN (the international organisation that manages domain names) guidelines, a domain name transfer procedure consists of requesting approval for transfering to Actinic.

Logically, only the officially designated domain name owner has the authority to accept or refuse a transfer. Three contacts can be named to manage a domain: the registrant (you) the technical contact and the administrative contact

If you are correctly identified as registrant by your email address, you'll receive the transfer email and you can approve it without delay. However what happens frequently is that the registrant's email address is the same as the administrative contact, and not your's! When our transfer request is delivered, it arrives in your ex supplier's mailbox.

If he's honest, he'll accept the transfer and everything goes well. Otherwise, he ignores the request, knowing full well that the transfer will fail! In this case, a strongly worded legal notice by registered mail is necessary to break up the deadlock before attempting a second transfer procedure.

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