How to set up online order tracking?

If you decide to publish order history, you need to activate the option inserting a link to order history in the confirmation email sent to your customers when an order is registered. To do so, open the [Commerce\Shopping Cart (Shop)] menu, and click the "Component Properties" tab. In the "Advanced Properties" section, check the "Confirmation e-mail: Insert a link to the order history" box. This link gives your customers access to the history of their orders.

Then open the [Commerce\Order Tracking] menu and click on "States of Progress" to add states, if you haven't already done so.

Now, place an order on your own site using payment by cheque. Read the order confirmation email and follow the link to order tracking as your customers would.

Make your order progress in your Admin Console by inserting new progress states and return to the customer order tracking using the email you received and you'll now see the progress of your order and the published states of progress.

You might also want to publish the "Your Account" component in one of your site menus. That way, even if they've lost their confirmation email from your site, they can access their order list and their progress states.

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