How do I change the order my items are arranged in?

You can change the order your items are displayed in. If your Catalog has less than 1,000 items, you can manage clasification from your Actinic back office.

To do so, go to the [Commerce\Items (Products-Services)] menu and click on the "Element Classification" tab.

You can then click on the [Modify Classification] button to change the display order of your products.

You cannot order your items one category at a time because an item can belong to several categories. The potential for conflicting positions is considerable. The position you assign an item in one category would alter the position you assign it in another category!

After saving your changes, go to the [Commerce\Catalog (Brochure)] menu or the [Commerce\Shopping Cart (Shop)] menu (depending on the component you are using) and click on the "Element Classification" tab. You will then click on the [Modify] button and choose the Initial Order: "According to the manually defined order".

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