How do I associate a PDF file to a product to provide visitors with more technical information?

First, upload the file to your Admin Console files gallery by the [Galleries\Files] menu.

Then, in the [Commerce\Items (Products-Services)] menu, you need to:
  • Select the product in the list and click on the "Edit properties" icon to its right.
  • Under the "General" tab, "Additional" sub-tab, in the Navigation Behaviors section, click the [...] button,
  • Select "Open a file" and choose the previously uploaded file
  • Confirm by clicking [OK].
The product page in your site will now automatically display "Additional Information" as a text link, which opens the PDF when a visitor clicks it.

You can change "Additional Information" to any text you want. If you use the "Calalog" component, go to your [Commerce\Catalog (Brochure)] menu; If you use the "Shopping Cart-Catalog", go to your [Commerce\Shopping Cart (Shop)] menu. Then, open the "Component - Text" tab and change the text.

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