How are users created and classified?

Users are created and classified according to the component they use. The category names in quotation marks are used as examples and are not pre-configured in your site. You must first create these categories in the [Marketing\Users] menu, under the "Category Editing" tab. For the most common cases, the creation and classification of users in your site can be configured in the properties of the Registration, Your Account and Shopping Cart components.

Here are several of the most common cases:

Case 1: Registration
The people who visit your site and subscribe to the newsletter (Registration component) are "prospects".

To configure the Registration component, click on the menu:
[Components\Registration\Component Properties tab]. Click on the [Modify] button.
Go to the "Storing New Users" section.
Select the "Prospects" category.

Case 2: Your Account
The people who open an account...and don't purchase (abandon the purchase during the ordering process) are "prospects".

To configure the Your Account component, click on the menu:
[Components\Your Account\Component Properties tab]. Click on the [Modify] button.
Go to the "Storing New Users" section.
Select the "Prospects" category.

Case 3: Shopping Cart (Shop)
The people that complete the purchasing process and order on your site are "customers".

To configure the Shopping Cart component, click on the menu:
[Components\Shopping Cart (Shop)\Component Properties tab].
Go to the "Storing New Users" section.
Select the "Customers" category.

If you have "empty" files except for the email and password, these files come from situation 2. This isn't surprising and you cannot require people to provide you with more information.

Note that the "Shortcut and Editorial Blocks" correspond to the following components:

"Already registered? Enter your email and password:" corresponds to the "Your Account" component and to the return of a known user.
"First Visit? Create an account" corresponds to the Your Account component (case 2 - minimal creation with the visitor's choice of email/password).
"Subscribe to our newsletter / Subscribe" opens the Registration component (case 1).

7 components allow for the creation of users and the ability to automatically assign them to a user category. You can respectively configure the storing of new users to a specific user category in the Properties tab of each of the following components:
1- Registration
2- Your Account
3- Shopping Cart (Shop)
4- Catalog (Brochure)
5- FAQ
6- Guest Book
7- Classified Ads

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