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 What is Adwords?

Note :
  • If you are already an Adwords user, you can skip ahead to the Campaign Optimisation section.
  • If you aren't yet an Adwords user, take advantage of a 50 welcome coupon for your first Adwords campaign by asking here.
Google Adwords is a very powerful advertising tool for making your site, products or services known. It enables you to place your ads on search result pages as well as other content pages Google publishes. With Adwords, you can reach a very targeted audience depending on the search terms used and you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad even if your ad is published thousands of times.

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Thanks to the Actinic-Google partnership, you can receive a 50 coupon for creating your first Adwords campaign so you can try out one of the most powerful and profitable advertising systems in the world. Contact our technical support with your Actinic Admin Console by the [Help \ Technical Support] menu to receive your 50 coupon right away.

Practically speaking, what do you get with 50 in your first Adwords campaign?
  • 500 qualified visits and as many chances to make a sale, at (for example) 10p per click.
  • An active way to wait while natural SEO makes your site visible in search results.
  • A chance to learn how to use Adwords and measure your ROI.

 Create an Adwords Account

Go to to set up your account. First you'll need to create a Google account. If you already have one from another Google service such as Gmail, You Tube, etc. you can simply link Adwords to that account. Otherwise, opening a new Google account is quick and easy.
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Next, set your country, timezone and currency. Confirm…
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…and your account is created! All you need to do now is fill in billing information and sign in to Google Adwords to create and monitor your campaigns.
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 Create Your First Adwords Campaign Now.

When you get your 50 coupon from Actinic technical support, sign in to Google Adwords and start getting new customers within 15 minutes. All the tools you need are available.

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 Setting Up Adwords Campaign Tracking in your Actinic Site

The Actinic solution, just like Google Adwords, lets you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, ads and keywords. You can obtain indicators such as click rate (number of clicks/ads & keywords) and conversion rate (number of sales / number of visits) for each campaign, keyword and ad.

You can always use one or the other tracking methods, or both, which we highly recommend.
This will help you attain two goals:
  1. Verify the results supplied by Google. By comparing results you can verify the coherence of the supplied data.
  2. Compare the effectiveness of Google Adwords with other pay sources of internet traffic you use such as advertising, affiliates, etc.
I. Setting Up Campaign Tracking in Actinic
The Actinic Campaign Tracking tool relies on a particular URL system: Campaign Tracking URLs. These URLs should be entered into the "Destination URL" section of each Google Adwords ad. You may want to organise your tracking in different ways:
  • By campaign, using the same tracking URL for all your ads and keywords.
  • By "Ad Groups" if you scrupulously followed the instruction to create an ad group by keyword/variations (recommended). This method will help you know how each keyword performed and therefore concentrate your efforts during the optimisation phase.
More on Actinic Campaign Tracking & Affiliates.

II. Setting Up Conversion Tracking with Google Adwords
Tracking Google Adwords conversion results depends on inserting a certain JavaScript code into your Actinic site. This code will be generated and given to you by Adwords when setting up this option in the Adwords administration space.

Once conversion tracking is set up, it will be a source of precious information such as: which keyword sells? which ad is the most effective? what arguments should I use?

To learn how and where this sort of code should be inserted into your Actinic site, we recommend reading: HTML insertion points.

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  Optimising Adwords Campaigns

Campaign optimisation is a permanent process. You need to check your account regularly and strive to increase campaign effectiveness and profitability.

Optimisation involves finding keywords that are more and more pertinent and focused on your markets, writing engaging ads, using precise targeting criterea… You will continually adapt to your prospects needs and to your competitors' reactions. Your goals (sell, inform, make contacts…) will also influence the way you advertise.

Remember to carefully prepare the way a visitor is greeted on your site. The landing pages where visitors are sent after clicking on your ad, tailor-made according to your goals, repeating terms you used in the ads, can multiply your conversion rates.

Lastly, Google Adwords offers to automatically edit and send you personalised reports with your statistics by email. This is a good way to keep you focused on managing your campaigns.

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