How do I add an icon in the address bar?

This icon (which is called a "favicon") is displayed by most browsers in association with your site address, generally in the site's address bar, favorites, browser tabs, etc.

Display is not systematic and depends on the browser and its version.

The following procedure will allow you to associate a favicon with your site.
  1. Create an image using your preferred application. It is recommended to use an image that is 16 pixels in height and 16 pixels in width. Save you image as "favicon.gif", then rename the file as "favicon.ico"

    If desired, you can use an online tool, such as the following, to generate a favicon.ico

  2. Upload the ".ico" icon to your site's FILE gallery.

  3. Go to the [Site \ Properties by Language] menu. Click on the [Modify] button and find the "Free text block inserted in the HTML header:" zone. Copy the following code in this zone:


In the above link, you MUST REPLACE "" by your site's domain name and "XXXXX" by your Actinic Account ID.

This number can be found in the [Account \ Owner Properties] menu.

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