How do I track a campaign or affiliate?

The goal is to create a tracked hyperlink that you can use in your ad campaign (example with Google Adwords).

1) Click on the [Marketing \ Campaign Tracking \ Edit Ad Campaigns] menu.
Click on the [Add] button to create an "Adwords" campaign tracking element.

2) General > Main Tab
Modify the properties of your campaign.

- Define a Name
- In the drop-down menu of the "Type" field, select: Affiliate
- Enter the maximum Cost-per-Click that you are willing to pay

3) General > Additional Tab

Select a Navigation Behavior pointing to the shop.

Type of Behavior: Display one of the site components
Component: Shopping Cart: Catalog

Generally, you will select a navigation behavior that points to a product category or specific product file.
Save the campaign.

4) Retrieve the link generated for your campaign. It will look like this:
Use this link hereafter in your Google Adwords ad.

Create as many campaign tracking elements as necessary for each ad campaign.

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