How to assign a Campaign Tracker to a price comparison site?

The goal is to follow a price comparison site's results (data exportation) in a campaign tracker.

1) Click on the [Marketing \ Campaign Tracking \ Edit Ad Campaigns] menu.
Click on the [Add] button to create an "AdWords" campaign in your Campaign Tracker.

General > MAIN tabs
- Define a name (example
- Select the type in the drop-down menu: Affiliate - Campaign
- Fill in the Cost-Per-Click maximum

3) General > Additional tabs
Select the Navigation Behaviour towards your online shop.
Type of Behaviour: Display one of the site components
Component: Shopping Cart Catalog

Save the campaign.

4) Click on the [Marketing \ SmartFeeds] menu
Edit the export's properties

In the Campaign field, select the "" campaign

Save the export.

In this way, all the product links in the price comparison site will be automatically tracked.

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