How do I export a WebBlock?

If you would like to export the entire contents of a WebBlock in order to create the same WebBlock in a 2nd Actinic site, you can use the WebBlock export function.

To export a WebBlock, go to your WebBlock Gallery. Click on the third icon allowing you to view the properties of the WebBlock and click on the [Export] button.

1- Click on the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu.
2- Click on the "View Properties" icon (3rd icon), which allows you to view the properties, not the content, of the WebBlock.
3- Click on the [Export] button.
4- Enter the destination site's name:
5- Enter the destination site's password.

NOTE: Copying the WebBlock to the destination site does not copy the images or external elements that may be associated to this WebBlock. It is essential that you check and/or correct the WebBlock in the destination site after it has been duplicated. The source WebBlock is not modified by the copy operation.

6- Click on the [Duplicate >>] button.
7- Before you can use this WebBlock, you have to have to go to the administration space of the site to which this WebBlock was copied and save it ("Edit Properties" icon \ [Save] button). This operation is MANDATORY!

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