How do I configure Google mail (Gmail)?

This FAQ will run through how to setup a Gmail account, expalin how to recieve your Actinic emails through Gmail and finally sending emails through Gmail via your Actinic email account.

Google mail is an online email client like Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. However, Google mail is unique in that, like Outlook, it allows you to retreive messages from an external mailbox using POP3 protocol. This allows you to free up your mail server by transferring messages to Gmail while retaining the benefits of Webmail. Gmail gives you access to several giga-bytes of storage for your emails.
 Setting up Gmail to send and recieve your Actinic emails

1. Create a Gmail account

Go to When the page has loaded you should then be able to click on

Then fill out the required fields.
Your Gmail address is completely independent from your Actinic address and can be named as desired.

You can choose to sign up for a Google+ profile after this stage, this is completely up to you.

Otherwise, click No Thanks at this page.
Once you get to your new Gmail Inbox, you will need to setup the link between your Actinic WebMail and GMail.

2. Setup Gmail to recieve Actinic emails

Once you have access to your Gmail account go to Mail Settings.

You then go to Accounts and Imports.

Then select

Enter your Actinic email address.

Next fill in the relevant fields, making sure to note the username is your full email address.

In the password zone, enter your password (the same as the one in your site if you are using an address from your Actinic account)

In the Pop Server zone, enter

Define the Port as 110

Make sure that all options below this field are unticked.

Then click on [Add Account]

3. Setup Gmail to send Actinic emails

On the next window make sure to tick Yes, i want to be able to send mail as....

Specify a name and make sure the email address is correct.

On the next screen use the following settings:

SMTP Server:

Username: Your Actinic Email

Password: You Actinic Webmail password

Port: 25 and Unsecured Connection.

On the last window remember to Send Verification. The Verification Email will be sent to your Actinic email address. You'll need to select the verification link.

Back in Gmail you should receive a confirmation. This should now all be setup.

This should now all be setup.

Also when composing an email through Gmail it sends from my Actinic email account.

Note: You can retrieve mail from up to 3 email accounts with the same Gmail address.


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