CSS - How do I customize my CSS design?

The technology behind CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) site designs offers advanced possibilities for graphic customization and expression that are far superior to what is possible with HTML based designs.

Attention: There are no simplified tools for modifying CSS designs in your administration space. Therefore, good knowledge of CSS syntax is required to modify these site designs.

The solution uses a set of Actinic-specific classes. If these classes are not configured in your style sheet, you site will be unusable. Therefore, it is not possible to create a CSS style sheet from scratch using an application like Dreamweaver and then to import it into your Actinic site. The correct way to proceed is by using an available design template that you then will modify.

To modify or customize a CSS design, you must follow these three steps:
 1) Import the CSS Design Currently in Use

The idea is to duplicate the design template you are using, which is shared between all Actinic subscribers and cannot be modified, and change it into a custom design that you can manipulate.

Click on the [Site\Site Design] menu.
Click on the [Create and Manage Custom Site Designs] button, then on the [Import a Design] button.

Click on "Import a CSS Design" and select the design that is currently being used on your site. Confirm your selection.
 2) Edit the CSS Code

Click on the [Modify] button to access and edit the content of your style sheet.

To preview this design before applying it to your site, click on the [Design Preview] button in the "View Properties" mode.

Attention: You must empty the browser cache to see the changes to your site. With Firefox, all you have to do is hit the [F5] key. Click here for more information about emptying the browser cache.

For more information about style sheet modification, we recommend consulting the following help topic: Advice on modifying a CSS design.
 3) Apply the Modified Design to Site

Once you have finished working on the style sheet and are ready to apply it to your site, click on the [Site\Site Design] menu and then on the [Modify] button. Click on "Use one of your custom site designs" to select your custom design and save your changes.

Attention: The first time you follow the steps above, the admin link "Use one of your custom site designs" will not be automatically displayed after you create your first custom design. You need to completely close your browser and then open it again to be able to click on this link.

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