How do I add additional images (zoom) to an item?

To access the additional images feature, click on the following menu:

[Commerce \ Items (Products-Services)]
[View Properties] Icon
"Image(s)" Tab

Click on: [Edit Additional Images...]
To create a new group of additional images, click on the [Add] button.

We recommend proceeding as follows:
  • 1) Choose an image that is sufficiently large in size (800 x 600 pixels, for example).

  • 2) Import this image into your gallery making sure to import the image in its original size (do not use the "Main and Thumbnail" automatic resizing feature).

    Go to the [Galleries \ Images] menu.
    [Add] Button
    Dimension: Original (No modification of the image dimensions).

    Then use it for the "Large Image (Zoom)" in your item's additional images.

  • 3) Next, import this image again using the Main + Thumbnail automatic resizing feature. Then apply these images to the same group of additional images for your item in the corresponding formats.

    When you want to display several groups of images, we highly recommend using images with identical proportions.

    The system is perfectly capable of managing one group of images where the main image is 200 x 400 pixels and another group of images where the main image is 400 x 200 pixels. However, this is not recommended if you want an attractive and homogeneous display.

    Once created, the groups of images can be moved easily using the fields and buttons in the "Position" column. Remember to save your changes.

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