How do I modify the layout of my additional images (zoom)?

When editing additional images, you can use the [Layout Properties] button to access the properties of your additional images and the zoom feature. You can modify these parameters and preview the results before saving using the [Refresh] button.

There are 3 parameters that are particularly important if you want to perfect your additional image display:
  • Image Width: This parameter has 2 functions: It determines the size of the main image and the width of the zone that will be available below the image for the thumbnail display.

    When you use several groups of images, this allows you to display your thumbnails in table form rather than a single row.

    Therefore, it is recommended to enter the actual width of your image here. However you may decide to slightly shrink or expand this image using this parameter.

  • Image Height: This parameter is particularly useful if you use images with different heights, in particular using some images in a "portrait" style layout and some in a "landscape" style layout. By entering the dimension of your tallest image here, you can reduce the "yoyo" effect that happens when the visitor goes from one image to the next.

    Attention: This parameter should be handled with care for the 2 following reasons:

    • Giving this parameter a value that is too small can "hide" the thumbnails by placing them behind the main image.

    • If this parameter has been filled in and nothing has been defined for the "Image Width" parameter, this can generate a display problem in the Internet Explorer browser.

  • Thumbnail Width: This parameter is very useful because it will allow you to indirectly modify the number of thumbnail images displayed per row.

N.B: These thumbnail images are presented with a small space between them. Therefore, you will need to slightly reduce their initial size. For example, to have 3 images per row, divide the dimension of the main image width by 3, and then subtract 5 or 6 pixels from the result.

If your thumbnail images are too large or have different proportions, it can also be useful to define a unique dimension for them using this parameter.

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