Why is my homepage empty ?

>> When you see an empty page in your browser window, most of the time what is really happening is that your WebBlock home page is not displaying correctly in the site design layout and is in fact displaying underneath the vertical menu, leaving an empty space at the top of the page.<<

What has happened is that you've added elements to your home page WebBlock that are too large to be displayed in the normal "data area" your site design has reserved for content.

You may notice that your home page displays differently in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. These two browsers interprete certain content differently, in particular, the effect inner and outer margins have on widths. Most CSS designs use a fixed width of 980 pixels, from which you must subtract the widths and margins of the verticale menu and shortcut bar, if they are displayed in your site, to determine the space available for your WebBlock in the "dataarea".

Often in Internet Explorer, if the content of your WebBlock is too wide for the space that is available for it in the CSS site design, it will display beneath the other elements that are taking up space.

The solution is simply to be careful about the width of the content you add to your WebBlock. Delete or reduce any elements that are too wide, such as an image, several images positioned together, a table, etc.

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