How do I insert a PDF file?

You want to make a PDF file available for your visitors to download from a WebBlock page on your site?

1) Add the PDF file to your Files Gallery so that you can use it in a WebBlock.

Click on the [Galleries \ Files] menu then [Add]

Files Gallery

2) Insert a text into your WebBlock : "Download the PDF file"

Click on the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu and edit your WebBlock.

Create the text, rich text or image element that you want to link to your file.

3) Define a navigation behaviour for your text element.

Choose a navigation behaviour for the element, 2 choices are available:

1st Solution) The simplest: a pop-up window opens with a link to download the file.
"Open a file (DOC, PDF)" and select the file you previously uploaded to your Files Gallery.

2nd Solution) The fastest for the user: a direct link to the PDF file.
Select the navigation behaviour:
- Type of Behaviour: Display a website in a new window.
- Hyperlink URL: Files/XXXXX/name-of-file.pdf

XXXXX : is your Actinic account number
name-of-file.pdf : the name of the file to download available in your Files Gallery.

The example is about a PDF file, but the principle is the same for all file formats accepted by Actinic.

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