How long does it take to install a secure payment ?

We can't give a precise answer to that question because a secured payment system's installation time can vary enormously from one bank to another and even from one bank advisor to another.

In fact, the time necessary depends largely on your bank's reactivity and that of your bank advisor. The full procedure can take anywhere from a few days to 3 weeks. You may want to regularly follow-up your bank about progress on your request.

At the bank: Once you open your merchant account, your bank advisor sends your application to the bank's technical department, who will then create your secure payment method and set up your account to receive online payments. The bank then sends you the connection information that you need to give us.

On the Actinic side, things go quickly, usually only about 2 days starting from the moment your bank gives us the information we need to install your secured payment method.

Everything goes through Actinic' technical support. Our support team gives you the procedure to follow. You have nothing technical to do, Actinic takes care of the technical part. Once it's installed, we'll explain how to activate the secured payment on your site.

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