Can I display my payment method logos on my home page?

When selling online, it's always a good idea to reassure your visitors by displaying the secure payment methods you offer on your site.
We recommend inserting the logos just below your vertical menu. That way, they'll be seen on every page of your site.

 Example: Insert the Paypal logo in one of your menus.
  1. Download the Paypal logo.
    Open this link to a Paypal logo in a browser, right click on the image and choose "Save Image As..."
    Once the image is saved to your hard drive, upload it to your Image Gallery using the [Galleries \ Images] menu.

  2. Add a new menu element.
    Open the [Site \ Menus - Vertical Menu] menu, place the mouse over the last element in the vertical menu and choose "Add a new menu element" in the context menu.
    In the "Edit Menu Element" page that opens, under "Element Type", select "Image" and in the following dialogue box, navigate through your Image Gallery to select the Paypal logo you uploaded. Confirm and save.
The Paypal logo is now displayed on every page in your site.

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