What's the procedure for installing a secure payment method?

Actinic is compatable with many secure payment solutions.
If you want to use one of these solutions on your Actinic site, there are the several steps in the installation process:
 1st Step: Open a Merchant Bank Account

The very first thing to do is open a merchant account. These are accounts that allow card payments and chargebacks to be made to a merchant-nominated bank account. A number of UK banks - known as acquiring banks - offer merchant accounts. You could ask your existing bank whether they offer merchant accounts.

Before setting up a merchant account, your acquiring bank will request a wide range of information. This is used to assess your business and to determine the level of charges you'll have to pay for each transaction. You may be asked to provide information relating to:
  • your business history and performance
  • business accounts
  • your projected turnover
  • expected average transaction values and volumes on credit and debit cards
  • transaction frequencies
  • the type of goods you sell
  • the proportion of transactions you expect to receive face to face, by phone, mail order, or online
  • your suppliers' details
  • how you deliver your goods or services
Banks are free to refuse your application so you must contact them before ordering a secure payment installation with Actinic. You can mention that Actinic is your technical partner.

What details does my bank need for my hosting service?
 2nd Step: Order the Installation from Actinic

Once your merchant account is opened with your bank, you can order a secure payment installation from Actinic (£ 20) by the [Commerce \ Payment Methods] menu, then clicking the "Add a Payment Method" button.
Why does Actinic charge for PSP installation?
 3rd Step: Installation Procedure

An Actinic technician will take charge of your order and will contact you through technical support to keep you informed on progress and guide you through any steps you may need to carry out which can differ according to the payment solution you have chosen.

Upon reception of the account details we need, our technical team will set up your payment solution on your site in test mode to do trial transactions.
At this stage you'll be notified by technical support.
 4th Step : Going Live

If the test transactions were successful, you must then request that your bank set your account to production mode. We cannot make this request on your behalf. You should then send us the acces codes to your live account (if different from your test environement).

 5th Step: Going Online

Simply inform our technical support of the date your account went into production mode.After reception of this notification, one last test transaction of 10p will be processed in real conditions.

If this test is successful, you can activate your payment method on your site by the [Commerce \ Payment Method ] menu and selecting your bank.

Your secure payment is now operational. You can activate or deactivate it at any time.
 6th Step: Customising your Payment Method

You can modify the logo that is displayed in the payment process..
How do I modify payment method logos?

In this same "Payment Method Properties" page, we suggest you enter a explanatory text before and after payment.

To reassure customers, it's a good idea to display your bank's logo in your menu.
Can I display my payment method's logo on my home page?
 How long does this take ?

On our side, configuration and testing takes about 48 hours from the time we receive the technical information. Afterwards, changing into production mode is done at a determined time on certain days of the week depending upon your bank.
it's a good idea to closely follow the state of your application and regularly check with your bank about progress.
As far as overall installation time (configuration + tests + going live), it can vary according to your bank and the responsiveness of your bank advisor.

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