What is the low stock level?

The low stock level lets you set the limit below which you want to be warned that you need to restock an item.

This level is defined in your item properties under the "General\Stock" tab.

For example:

You esteem that you have to have a minimum of 20 units of product X in stock to be able to respect your delivery times. You currently have 25 products in stock.

A customer orders 3 products, and you are left with 22 products in stock. You will receive the customer order confirmation email, and that is the only email that you will receive.

A few hours later, another customer orders 4 products. After their order, you are left with 18 products in stock (22 - 4 = 18). In this case, you are going to receive two emails: the customer order confirmation email which details the order and a second email alert specifying that your low stock limit of 20 products has been reached and that you should restock the product.

These email notifications are automatically sent when a limit has been reached. You can deactivate these emails by checking the "Deactivate the low stock email alert" box in the properties of the Shopping Cart (Shop) component.

Here's the full path to that setting:
  • [Commerce\Shopping Cart (Shop)] menu,
  • "Component Properties" tab,
  • Click the [Modify] button,
  • In the "Advanced Properties" section, check the box labeled "Deactivate the low stock email alert".

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