How do I set up a Webfarm connection?

If you wish to keep your current service provider as your e-mail provider, you must make the following configuration in the DNS management console for your domain name.

Warning Message :

This process clearly requires advanced skills in terms of domain name management.
If you are uncomfortable with setting up a domain name, we do not recommend using a Webfarm connection.
The domain concerned must not have a custom email address.

It is imperative to follow the 3 steps listed above, and to have technical skills. The implementation period varies from 24h to 48 hours.
 STEP 1: DNS Setup

This modification allows to return only the "web" part to our servers.
Messaging will remain a feature that is managed by your domain provider
Please note that changing the DNS may require a 24 to 48 hour delay and will temporarily impact the availability of your site.

In the management dashboard of your domain name at your external service provider to Oxatis, please check and make the following changes to your configuration :

1a- If DNS is at Oxatis, re-establish your provider's DNS for your domain: DNS should not be managed by Oxatis

1b- Create a type A record pointing to the IP where X is the last digit of your Oxatis account number.

You can view it from the [ Account \ Owner Properties ] menu.

Let's take for example the account number 125801. The IP to fill-in will be .

1c - Create a CNAME record named "www" and return it to the domain name without the 3w: .

 STEP 2: Domain Name Connection

Order the domain connection via the [ Account \ domain name ] menu on your Oxatis administration site.
The cost of the connection is 30 excluding VAT, to cover the costs of installing your domain.
 STEP 3 : Finalisation Oxatis

Once the DNS change is made and your domain name is connected to your Oxatis site, contact us at support, and we will finalize your domain settings by removing DNS management from our servers.

Contact Oxatis Technical Support by posting a message entitled " Webfarm Login Request " with the following content :

I have read the online help on the Webfarm procedure and I have understood the implications for my messaging.
I have taken note that Oxatis will no longer provide technical support on my emails.

I have completed steps 1 and 2 of the Webfarm procedure.
Please complete the installation by completing step 3.

Best Regards,

Important :
Oxatis will provide no support on your emails , because your provider is the manager of your domain name.
The emails and configuration of your domain are now managed by your service provider.
Le renouvelement de votre domaine est votre charge. Oxatis ne vous notifiera pas si le domaine arrive expiration.

You can set your alternate email to receive all notifications on your new email.
To use another email, click on the menu:
Site > General Properties> Alternate e-mail
Fill in your email and save.

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