How do I create a newsletter using a WebBlock?

The NewsLetters user interface lets you create newsletters using a WebBlock. We strongly urge you to take this approach which allows you greater freedom when building your newsletter.

Here are a few recommendations to help you maximise the opening rate of your newsletters.

It's important you understand that your WebBlock will not be displayed in your site but sent into your customer's email accounts and that it won't be read in a web browser but in email software (even if it's a webmail service).

You should follow certain rules when building this type of WebBlock:


We generally recommended that you use the fonts defined in your Site Design when you create a WebBlock. This contributes to consistancy in the way your pages display. The typograhical rules managing your texts are all defined in your site's CSS.

However, your site's CSS file won't be sent with your newsletter. We therefore recommend that, when creating a WebBlock for a newsletter, that you define specific fonts for your text elements specifying the font name, size and colour.

 Rich Text

Mainly for security reasons, most email software will limit it's interpretation of your newsletter's source code, especially any JavaScript.
We would advise you to avoid using rich text elements for passages which will contain links since the links generated by the rich text editor use JavaScript.

We encourage you to build your newsletter with simple text blocks and image elements to which you can assign navigation behaviours.

 Navigation Behaviours

Eliminating rich text in your WebBlock isn't enough to insure that your links will work correctly. We strongly recommend using absolute links (rather than relative links).

Absolute URL Address: (recommended)
Hyperlink URL:

Relative URL Address: (NOT recommended)
Hyperlink URL: /shop.htm

Only use absolute navigation behaviours for your newsletters:
Navigation Behaviour Type: Display a website in a new window
Hyperlink URL:

If you want to redirect your readers to precise pages on your site, you can use the Hyperlink Creation Wizard to find the absolute URL for any page on your site by the [Help \ Hyperlink Wizard ] menu.
 Advice About Content
  • Proof read your newsletter several times to check punctuation, typography, layout errors, spelling.
  • Remember to put the main information in bold or underlined.
  • Test all the links in your newsletter.
Following these recommandations will help maximise the number of newsletters opened by your addressees, particularly those who read your newsletter in webmail services. .

>We advise testing your newsletter in several environments before sending to your mailing list.
- The various webmail services: Hotmail, Orange, Gmail, Oxatis.
- The main email software: Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft Outlook doesn't accept background images), Windows Mail (Vista and 7), Mozilla Thunderbird.

By taking these webmail services and software in consideration, you can avoid 95% of display problems.

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