What's a domain name?

A domain name is a text address that can identify your site on the Internet and be used to access it.
 How do I choose a domain name?

It's generally your company name or brand - www.your-domain-name.extension.

The important thing is that your domain name reflects your company image. It can be a combination of several words, separated by dashes (you can't use caps, spaces, punctuation signs or accented letters), for example: company-activity.com). This is a good trick for introducing one or two keywords about your activity sector and thus help your natural SEO (search engine optimisation).

However, we recommend that you don't use too many keywords in your domain name. Keep in mind that your domain name is your site's "store sign". The shorter it is, the easier it will be for your visitors to remember.

You can order a domain name from your site's admin console by the [Account\Domain Names] menu.

 What do the extensions mean?

Generally speaking these extensions are used for:
  • .com - Commercial activity.
  • .net - Network type activities: associations, unions, portals, networks, etc.
  • .org - Non profit organisations.
.COM is a very good choice for an e-commerce site!

In the UK, the country specific .uk domain used alone, is only available to a limited number of organisations, It is generally used with a second level domain like .co.uk.
The most commonly used are:
  • .co.uk - Commercial entities and purposes
  • .ltd.uk - Private limited companies
  • .me.uk - Personal names
  • .net.uk - Internet Service Providers' infrastructure
  • .org.uk - Not-for-profit entities
  • .plc.uk - Public limited companies

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