Can I buy a domain name for my site?

If you want to optimise your website for search engines, you must have a domain name.

A domain name allows you to generate a sitemap for seach engines and create a professional image and personal identity for your company on the web.

With Actinic, you can buy domain names with the following extensions:*, .com, .net, .org, .fr (from £30). If bought on the platform, you'll only have one supplier to deal with for your website, your domain and your email accounts.

When you buy a domain with Actinic, everything is done to make sure it works on your site as quickly as possible (48 hours): setting up and configuring the DNS servers, connecting to your site in our database, etc. That way, you don't waste time configuring your domain with another supplier and Actinic guarantees a quality service. You'll have a contact you can count on. Your domain isn't blocked either. You're free to transfer your domain to another supplier in the future if you aren't satisfied with our service.

If you already have a domain name, or if you prefer buying it elsewhere with another extension, you can connect it to your Actinic site for free (the first domain name connection is included with your subscription, any additional connections are only billed at £30).

You can see the following help topic for more details: Domain Names

 Fees - Purchase and Renewal:

Domain name (1 year) = £30
Domain name (2 years) = £55
Domain name (3 years) = £80
Domain name (4 years) = £105
Domain name (5 years) = £125

* Domains with the extension must be bought for a period of at least 2 years.

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