Can I transfer my domain to Actinic?

 The procedure for transferring a domain to Actinic is similar to other domain extensions.

Before initiating the transfer process:
  1. You must own the domain for over 60 days.

  2. Your current provider must have "unlocked" the domain in anticipation of a transfer procedure.

  3. You also need to inform your current provider towards which registrar your domain will be transferred.

    To do so, you will need to specify our registrar’s IPS tag. Internet Provider Security tags are used by Nominet (the Internet Registry for .uk domain names) to identify the hosting company linked to a specific .uk domain name. Actinic’s registrar is Gandi, so your current provider needs to know the IPS tag is "GANDI”.

    This is the specific point for a transfer. Apart from this, the procedure is similar to the one used for other extensions.

  4. Make sure your current email address is the one registered as the domain’s administrative contact.
Once you’ve verified these four points, you can order the domain transfer by going to your Actinic Online admin console and clicking on the [Account \ Domain Names] menu.

NB: A domain transfer can take from 7 to 10 days.

For more details about the transfer process, you can read the following help topic: Domain Name / Step 8 – You want to transfer the management of your domain name to Actinic Online.

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