Can I associate several domain names with my Actinic site?

You can associate several domain names with your Actinic site. All domain names linked to your Actinic site will send visitors to the same home page. You can't display separate home pages depending on the domain name all for the same language.

When you have several domain names, we recommend configuring a main domain which will be used everywhere in your site. Open the [Account \ Domain Names] menu, then click the "Modify" button and check the "Main Domain" box.

It is however possible to associate a separate domain name to each language in your site. For SEO, we recommend only using multiple domain names on a multi-language site with a different extension for each language: ".it", for Italy, ".es" for Spain, etc.

Here's a real life example with the Oxatis site: How to order a domain name connection?

You can order a domain connection from the [Account \ Domain Names] menu

How to associate a domain name for each language?

Open the [Account \ Domain Names] menu, then on the "Modify" button. Then choose the language to associate with your domain with the "Language" field.

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