How do I transfer my domain name outside of Actinic?

You must respect the following domain transfer procedure if you want to transfer your domain name to another host.
 STEP 1: Send the transfer authorisation

Before we can unlock the domain so you can approuve the transfer which will be requested by the future host, we need to receive the letter below, sent from your site as an attached file in PDF format to Actinic technical support.
You cannot do it by an email exchange with our Sales Department.

Here is a model of the letter you must send signed and dated.

Dear Sirs,

I, the undersigned, XXXXX, legal representitive of the YYYY company (name, address, registration, etc.) owner of the "" domain name, hereby authorise the transfer of this domain's management to the hosting supplier ZZZ.

Please unlock this domain name.

 STEP 2 (Time necessary: 72 hours): Unlocking the domain name

Upon reception of your signed letter, we unlock your domain and send the transfer authorisation code to the domain owner. Your new supplier needs this EPP code to begin the transfer procedure.

You'll then possess all the elements necessary to transfer your domain.

 Advice and Warnings

We advise using a proprietary email address, like, to receive the authorisation code as well as the final transfer validation. Make sure that your anti-spam filters don't intercept these emails.

The outgoing domain transfer may fail if the domain owner's email is not valid or if no one answers the transfer authorisation request sent by ICANN.

Once the transfer is effective, Actinic is no longer responsable for the domain name. The domain and the emails associated with it are no longer managed by Actinic. Actinic no longer takes care of domain renewal.

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