How do I create a SmartSkin design?

 How do I create a SmartSkin design?

Click on the [Site \ Site Design] menu, then on the [Add a design] button and select a smarkskin design of your choice.
The design will be generated and you can customise it by clicking on “Customise the smartskins design” Icon.

If your site is already live, we recommend working on the design before publishing it.

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The current design being used will display with the blue tick icon on the ‘Default’ column in the list.

The default (live) design can be changed by selecting the tick icon on the desired design.

 Why my customised smartkins is still displaying in green and blue ?

The reason is simple, it is your browser cache. By using [F5] touch, you can quickly clear it.

More details about the procedure for emptying your browser cache.

 My last design is lost!

Not to worry, your last design will always appear as an option in the list. It can always be reselected as the default design :

- Click on the [Site \ Site Design] menu, and select the tick on the “Default” column.

 My website is not displaying on the Smartskins editor. I get an error message !

The reason of this is probably because the first page displaying is an rewritten url. [Site \ Properties by language] menu.
For information: there is no reason to rewrite the home page url. This should be left as your domain name.
Why it doesn’t work ?
Rewritten url are used for SEO. For many reasons, there are not visible from the backoffice preview, one reason being that it does not interfere with statistics.
To fix this error, we recommend going to the [Site \ Properties by language] menu, and changing the navigation behaviour for the first page displayed.
 Do I have to pay to use SmartSkins?

This functionality is included in your subscription.

 Can I change my Smartskins design onto a CSS design ?

You can still use the smartskins editor to build the smartskins structure. You can then change it onto a CSS design. This will allow you to make advanced changes on your design by using CSS.

The system keeps the smartskins design and creates a new identical design that can be edited using CSS code.

Warning : It will not be possible to transform a CSS design back to a Smartskins design.

To create a CSS design from a Smartskins design, click on the [Site \ Site Design] menu, and “View properties” icon, [Duplicate and change to CSS design] button.

To change and apply this CSS design, we recommend reading the following help: CSS - How do I customize my CSS design ?

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