How to manually validate an order?

Orders paid for through a secure payment system (like PayPal, Moneybookers or any other secure payment system through a bank) are generally validated automatically by the system when a payment has been accepted.

However, for certain types of payment, by cheque for example, validation is not automatic. In this case, the payment status in the order tracking table is a green half-dot meaning "Payment in Process".

Upon receiving payment, you can manually validate the order.

Click on the [Commerce / Order Tracking] menu, then on the first icon at the end of the order line named "View Order Properties".

Then click on the [Validate Order] button.

When validating an order paid by cheque, the system will invite you to enter the cheque number.This is not required, but will be used when editing an invoice for this order.

If the order should have been validated automatically by the system and you manually validate, like for example, a PayPal payment defered by the customer, the system will inform you of the operations that were carried out on stock.

Once the order has been validated, payment status is updated in the order tracking table. The system then displays a whole green dot meaning that the order has been validated.


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