How do I view and print my order slips?

Click on the [Commerce \ Order Tracking] menu. To view the order slip, select the blue link at the beginning of the row corresponding to the order ID.

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The order slip will be displayed in a pop-up window in your browser. To print it, simply use the print function in your browser (Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + P or Cmd + P for Mac).

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If you have numerous orders that need to be treated, you can print all orders at once:

1 - Select the desired orders using the checkboxes at the beginning of each row

2 - Select "Print orders" in the drop-down list below the order tracking table

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3 - Click on the Execute button to the right of the drop-down list.

4 - The browser will display a single pop-up window containing all the order slips, one after another. By using the browser's Print function, they will be printed on separate pages.


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