How to set up Thunderbird 12?

Thunderbird is a free and open soutce email client distributed by the Mozilla foundation. Like Outlook or Windows Live Mail, it can be used to retrieve and send email messages from one or several external email accounts with the POP3 protocol.

In particular, an email client lets you download mail from an account set up on the Actinic email servers.

Download the latest version of Thunderbird for free here
 How to set-up Thunderbird 12?

Once installed on your computer, open Thunderbird.
To begin configuring your email address, open the [File / New / Existing Mail Account] menu.

The "Mail Account Setup " dialogue box opens.

Note : In the following screen shots, the email address is associated with "" and the account name is johndoe. Replace these names with your domain name and your email account name.

In the "Mail Account Setup" box, enter:

- Your name (The name that others will see)
- Email address (the name of your email account "").
- Password (your Email account password)

and click on the [Continue] button.

After clicking the [Continue] button, Thunderbird will scan the account servers and run an automatic configuration.
Click the [Manual config] button so that you can enter the correct information.
The results of the automatic configuration will display.

(1) If the type of incoming server is set to "IMAP" - change to "POP3"

For information:
When using a POP3 mailbox, the messages are downloaded, stored on your computer and deleted from the server disk. IMAP stores your mail folders (inbox, sent items, etc) on the server. Because IMAP stores all your email folders on the mail server, you can view them from any location (home, office, etc). Mail being stored on the server counts towards your disk space quota and will eventually block your mailbox if not emptied.

(2) Click the [Advanced config] button.

 You can now manually configure your email account.

  • Account Name: This will be the same as your email address: ""
  • Your Name: Enter your first and last names
  • Email address: Enter your email address (Ex :
  • Reply-to Address: Again, enter your email address (Ex :

Now click on "Server Settings" in the lefthand column.

The type of server (POP), its name (, the user name ( and the port (110) should be filled in by default. If not, enter these values.

For information:
This is where you can make certain personal settings like how often the server will be checked for new messages or how you want deleted messages to be handled.

Once the incoming server has been configured, you can customise the outgoing server settings.
 Outgoing Port:

Under the "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" tab you need to enter the name ( and port (587) of the SMTP server.
"Security and Authentication" settings should be:
  • Connection security: None
  • Authentication method: Password transmitted insecurely
To finish your configuration, go back to the "Account Settings - <>" tab…

…and select the outgoing server you just configured in the "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" section.

Click the [Ok] button to confirm all your settings.

And that's it. All you need to do now is just close and restart Thunderbird.
If you don't see the changes take effect after restarting the program, you may need to reboot your computer to reinitialise your email client.


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