What does the State of Progress "Contacting Payment Processor" mean?

Let's rephrase the question: I checked my Order Tracking [Commerce \ Order Tracking] list and I noticed an order with a grey "Contacting Payment Processor" dot .

What does this status correspond to? Is the order valid and paid for by my customer or not?

First of all, the reference for payments received is your bank statement. That means you should not ship any order without confirmation of payment from your bank (PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.).

If, in the process of an order, a customer arrives on the banks website and closes his browser, the order is left in an intermediate "Contacting Payment Processor" state, and is incomplete (perhaps without even the name or address of the customer).

If the customer closed the payment window, your bank will never send an answer regarding the order and it will stay in that suspended state.

To conclude, an order labeled "Contacting Payment Processor" should be considered an aborted order.

If we had been able to access the payment processor and your bank returned a report, the payment status would be either "Payment Refused" or "Payment Confirmed".

For more information you can consult the general help article on Order Tracking

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