How do I modify several items simultaneously?


If you want to modify the same characteristic in several items, the quickest way to do so is to perform a batch processing operation.

This way, you can update several items (or even all of your items) is just a few clicks.

Warning: A batch update procedure should not be taken lightly. We suggest limiting your tests to a single item in the beginning while you get used to this type of operation.

 Selecting Items

To begin a batch processing operation for your items, go to the [Commerce/Items (Products-Services)] menu and make a selection from the drop-down list below the product table.

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This list presents 3 possible choices:
  • Batch processing of ALL ITEMS IN YOUR SITE: As the name indicates, all of the products in your site (and not only those displayed on the current page) will be modified in the batch processing procedure.

  • Batch processing of SELECTED ITEMS (selected on this page): This procedure will apply to a selection of items from the current page.

  • Batch processing of CURRENTLY FILTERED ITEMS (all pages): This option only appears if you have applied a filter to your product list. In this case, the batch processing procedure will be applied to all of filtered items (and not just those that are displayed on the current page).

    There are 3 ways to filter your products:

    1. By clicking on the [Filter] button and defining a multi-criteria filter.

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    2. By selecting a category from the drop-down list.

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    3. By using one/many of the rapid filter fields.

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 Applying the Batch Processing Operation

Once you have made your selection, click on the [Batch Processing >>] button to carry out the next step in the batch processing procedure.

If less than 10 items have been selected, the system will directly display the list of products that you are about to modify. Beyond 10 items, the system will simply indicate the number of elements to be modified. Make sure that this number is consistent with the number of items you expected to be included in the operation.

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  1. Select the action to perform from the drop-down list.
  2. The property corresponding to the action will be displayed. Define or select its value.
  3. Check the box indicating that you have read and understood the warning message.
  4. Click on the [Begin Batch Processing] button.

All modifications are permanent. Therefore, we recommend testing the batch processing feature on 1 product before applying it to all your products.

 Batch Processing in Series

Once the batch processing procedure has been completed, you can easily launch a new operation for the same group of pre-selected items by clicking on the [New Batch Processing] button.

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 Range of Application

Batch processing allows you to modify many of the values defined in the item properties.

Furthermore, it also allows you to modify prices by adding or subtracting a fixed value or percentage.

If Multi-Price Management is set up for your site, you can easily duplicate a price for another customer price group for all of your items (see concrete example below).

 Concrete Example

Let's say that you have just activated multi-pricing for your site. For your "T-shirts" product category, you want to use Price 2 to offer rates at 20% off for your distributors.

  1. Select the T-shirts category from the category drop-down list.

  2. Choose "Batch processing of CURRENTLY FILTERED ITEMS (all pages)" and click on the [Batch Processing >>] button.

  3. Select the "Copy a price to another price of the same item" action in the drop-down list and configure the copy.

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    Launch the first batch processing operation.

  4. Now click on [New Batch Processing] and choose "Modify the percent of the [Price Excl. VAT] field" and configure it as follows before launching the batch processing operation:

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In four simple steps, you have duplicated and updated the prices for this entire product category.

This will save you precious time when managing your product catalog.

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