How to restrict a shipping option for a country?

You can restrict a shipping option according to the customer's delivery address.

Example: You want to assign different shipping options for a delivery to the UK and another to New Caledonia.

The system lets you define geographic filters with the [Validity\Geographic] tabs in your Shipping Option properties.

You have the choice of assigning the shipping option:
- to all countries,
- to one or several countries
- or to a choice of postcodes in a country.

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In practice, you create as many shipping options as you need.

Examples :
  • Shipping Option No. 1 : "Free: pick-up in store " shipping for customers from neighboring towns.

  • Shipping Option No. 2 : "Royal Mail UK" shipping applies to deliveries in the UK.

  • Shipping Option No. 3 : "Royal Mail Worldwide " shipping deliveries to the rest of the world (price tables will be different from the preceding element).
Result :

A customer desiring delivery to Italy will only be offered Shipping Option No. 3.
A customer living in the same town as the merchant will have the choice between the first 2 elements: Free if he chooses to pick up the item at the store or with shipping charges if he chooses delivery by "Royal Mail UK".

 Configuring Validity by Country

By default, a shipping option is valid for all countries. By selecting " One or several countries", you filter a selection of countries chosen in the proposed list.

The shipping option will apply to all the selected countries.
  • Select a country

    To choose a country, click on it's name in the list: :

  • Choosing several countries simultaneously

    To choose adjacent countries in the list, click on one element then, while holding down the [Shift] key, click on another element in the list.

    To choose non adjacent countries in the list, hold down the [Ctrl] key while you click on the different countries you wish to select.

    Actually, you'll probably use this last method most often.

    It's also possible to deselect an element by keeping the same [Ctrl] key pressed and clicking again on the selected element to delete.

  • Using a preset

    You also have a number of predefined lists at your disposal in the window on the right::

    To apply one of them, select it in the window, then click on one of the 3 buttons:
    • Then [<<] button applies the list replacing the preceding selection.
    • The [+] button adds the list to the preceding selection.
    • The [?] button lets you preview the contents of the list.
 Going further with shipping options specifics:

The system also lets you restrict a shipping option to one or several postcodes. We urge you to consult the FAQ article How to restrict a shipping option for a postcode? on this subject..

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